Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 8

The battle is over. They characters are starting to take inventory of whatever is going on, and who is left. The rough draft is also at 59,000 words. Close to a novel. I’m working on the outline for Gordy and Sam’s story too. I guess that’s enough for today so here’s your 100 words.

She stared at each of them in turn until they dropped their gazes to the ground. Then, with a sigh, she turned and retreated to the back of the room and the inner passageway with barely a whisper of sound. At the top step she paused and cocked her head. “My son is coming. He’s going to need help landing without crashing into the cliffs too. He feels exhausted.” Without a backward glance she disappeared down the passageway.

Askari and Sibin stared at each other for a few moments before they both heard a low cry that had to belong to Dhala. They scanned the sky, trying mightily to spot the flyer. Their breath quickened as they strained to see their friend, their mate.

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