Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 6

The rough draft for “Aerie” is getting close to finished. I think a week at the most. For those of you who read, and enjoyed, “Wrangler Butt” I’m putting together an outline to write about how Gordy and Sam first met. I think it should be a fun read.

Oh, if you haven’t read Wrangler Butt and decide to. It has a ton of grammar and POV issues. And a ton of sex scenes. First time writing, what can I say. So you’ve been warned, but there is a link to it in the “Novels, Novellas and Short Stories” link on the left. I guess that’s enough for today so here’s your 100 words.

He knew he was much less damaged than was Sibin. The Misiq had almost beaten him to death. When he’d checked the mobility of his chest muscles, he quickly discovered that whatever healing Dhala had done, and he couldn’t recall clearly, had him back from the brink of death, but many days from healed. 

But when Dhala had worked through similar exercises, it was as if he hadn’t been through a battle the previous day. None of them had wanted him to go, but soon realized he was going to do a scouting flight, whether they wanted him to do so or not.

Sabin resigned himself to a few fast lessons on performing a change, and navigating the skies without making himself into a giant green target. The first few changes back and forth left Dhala shaking, but he picked up the intricacies quickly.


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