Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 4

Friday, finally. But Dhala and Sibin are trying to survive while Luke and Nash are going into heavy edits. (don’t worry, two different novels.) So here are your last 100 words for today.

He reached down to Dhala’s forearm, and it was as if he’d touched stone. Cold and ungiving. He tried to pry them apart, but there was no yielding. It was as if Sibin was encased in a iron ball, keeping everything out, and everything in. He and Tayi mored more forcefully as fear filled them like a dry stream bed during a summer downpour. Strain as they would, they had no results. He even prodded at Dhala’s injuries, hoping the pain would break through the spell…nothing.

There was a faint gasp and he realized there had been an observer for quite some time. He glanced to the edge of the flickering light to see Jua holding a waterskin of water.

The fledgling swallowed hard as they turned to him. “Are they dead? Are Dhala and Sibin gone?”


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