Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 3

A couple of what I thought was going to be disasters today, which turned out fine. Something to put back for a story. More notes to make and writing to do. Okay, enough of that. Off to work on editing pass two for Camouflage. Finished with the first few scenes at this point. And now, todays 100 words:

The wounds from the encounter with the Misiq yesterday were still seeping blood and left him stiff and not as mobile as he’d like. He picked up the bowl of cleanser Tayi had made for Sibin and started cleaning the wounds again. He hadn’t awakened since they had found him. He heard what sounded like a length of metal over a stone. Dhaka’s talons on the stone floor. Glancing into the darkest corner of the room he saw the swirling green eyes.

Dhala had moved into the corner and became an intractable shadow. Askari knew he wanted to help, but couldn’t work out the details of either shifting back to his two-footed form, or healing Sibin. For some reason Askari could sense Dhala’s emotions to a much larger extent than he ever had with Sibin.


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