Last 100 words For Aerie – Dec 2

Busy week but things are working out. Hope you enjoyed the latest chapter of Double Trouble. The stories are are coming along. Editing is coming along well on Camouflage but of course I always want it to go faster. Writing goal finished for day met, check. Starting the editing for the night, check. So here are the 100 words from today.

He flew a few lengths from the ground, did a quick wing over and fell from the sky toward their enemies. This time all four feet were balled tightly as he hit the first Misiq. By the time his momentum was dropping, he had injured a number of the invaders. As he again winged skyward, he got a glimpse of Askari raging across the battlefield. He’d gotten a bow and was releasing a deadly rain into the Misiq. When they moved too close, he used the thick bow as a club, damaging them as he could.

The air around them echoed with the reverberation of an animal’s call like none he’d heard before. It was part howl, part hiss with a blood chilling scream of one of the great eagles. The Misiq froze for a moment, and then disappeared into forest. Askari released a final arrow which was punctuated by a scream.


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