Double Trouble: Chapter 52

Wednesday Briefs

The guys from Double Trouble are back for more after a month off for NaNoWriMo. Since the twins are back there won’t be any ‘Last 100 Words” for today. For more free flash reading check out the list of authors at the bottom of this post.

Chapter 52

Josh glanced up from the list he was creating. “What do you want for Thanksgiving?”

“I want sex. I want to pound my husband’s ass until he’s screaming and shooting come everywhere. That’s what I want for Thanksgiving. ”

Josh grimaced at Trent’s tirade and glanced around to be sure no one overheard. Then he turned to Trent. “Watch your mouth! What if one of the twins hears you? You want to explain that little outburst?”

Trent walked into the kitchen, muttering something that sounded a lot like ‘if I got more sex maybe I could be more careful’. But Josh wasn’t certain.

When he came back sipping a beer, Josh motioned him closer.

“Okay, I’m serious. What’re we going to eat for Thanksgiving? We have a ton of people coming and I want to make sure we don’t run short.”

“You’ve got to be joking. You always cook enough food to feed an army. Who’s coming beside Darrin and Mitch?”

“The Sheriff, Nana. And Darrin always invites anyone from the college that can’t be with family for the holiday. So we could have ten or fifteen people show up. Plus, I think Danny is bringing—that guy.”

He turned to Trent with a quizzical expression. “What’re we calling him? Boyfriend? Friend? I’m afraid to ask.”

“Fuck buddy.”


“At least someone will be getting lucky.”

“Oh my God, what’s with you? You act like we never have sex. Or are you doing your hormonal high schooler routine?”

“Oh fuck you. We don’t have sex like we did. Now we have to schedule every minute. One of them has a game, or a dance, or a 4-H meeting, or…oh who knows what other shit will come up. Now we have to feed every fucking body in the whole goddamn area.”

Josh spun, grabbed Trent by the shirt and pulled them together. Their lips met as Josh pinned them together. When they broke the kiss, a strand of saliva connected them.

“That what you had in mind?”

Trent’s eyes were hooded, smoldering with lust. Josh felt the same. It had been a long time. He pressed Trent against the counter and ground their crotches together, finding his goal. Trent’s shaft was hard as granite and the two layers of denim between them seemed non-existent. He ran his hands over Trent’s back and into his hair, grabbing a double handful. He tugged his husband’s head back, leaned in, and began sucking and biting on his neck. The scruff felt deliciously sensual against Josh’s lips.

“You give me a fucking hickey and I’ll kick your ass,” Trent growled.

He exposed Trent’s neck, kissed upward and then along his jawline to whisper in his ear. “Shut up if you want fucked.”

Trent’s breath came in gasps and a wet spot had formed on the front of his jeans. “Hurry. Before they come back.”

Josh slipped his hand down the front of Trent’s pants and found his erection. Hard, slick, urgent.

He sighed as Josh stroked back and forth over his hard length. Trent slipped his hands inside Josh’s jeans and cupped his butt. Hard hands kneading his butt felt good. Very good. This was going to be quick.

Trent dropped in front of him, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them over his hips. With a lecherous glare, he began chewing along the side of Josh’s rock hard shaft. He reached the growing wet spot. A minute or so of Trent’s chewing, and Josh was primed. He was ready to plow Trent like a wheat field in August.

He grabbed Trent under the arms, pulled him up and spun him to face the cabinet. He pulled open Trent’s jeans and yanked them to the floor. The musk of their lust drifted around them, making Josh want his husband even more. He pried the two muscular halves of his butt apart and pressed his face between them. His tongue flicked out to enjoy the dusky rosebud he was lusting after.

“Oh hell yeah. That feels amazing.”

Trent braced against the counter as Josh worked to prepare him for the pounding he intended to unleash on his man. Several minutes passed until he reduced Trent to a series of moans and untranslatable words.

Trent was reduced to pounding his fists on the concrete countertop and moaning. Josh was so hard that he ached. It was time.

He ran the leaking tip of his cock up and down Trent’s ass crack until he’d coated his butt. He pressed inward, heat and friction filling his crotch.

“Wait! Damn it. Not dry. You’re not dry fucking me.”

Josh growled in frustration. He glanced around and spotted what he was looking for. Grabbing the bottle of cooking oil, he snapped open the top and squirted it over Trent’s butt until it was slick and the hair was matted. He sank two fingers in and started pumping. Trent dropped his chest to the counter, arched his butt upward and moaned.

“So good. Do it.”

Josh splashed more oil over his shaft and then plunged forward. From the moment he sank inside he knew this wouldn’t last long. He grabbed Trent’s hips and slammed into him. The sound of their bare skin slapping together filled the house. Josh felt the pressure building and Trent writhing under him.

He dropped over the edge, his body locking as he trembled and began emptying himself into Trent.

“Fuck! I’m coming,” Trent screamed.

The two of them soared and dropped, reveling in the pleasure. As they began to return from their daze, they slowed, sweat coating them as Josh lay across Trent’s back. Their breath was still coming in ragged gasps as Josh kissed the back of Trent’s neck.

Together they heard it. The crunch of gravel under pickup tires as it came to a stop in front of their house.

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