Last 100 words For Aerie – Nov 30

Back to work and plenty to do. I’m telling you, a good afternoon nap would make me a much more productive person. But I managed to get more written on Aerie and edit Camouflage. The final chapters of Camo are with my good friend who is willing to read the crap early versions and give me feedback. But it feels like good progress to me, and after NaNo–it seems like I’m taking a break. LOL Here are the last 100 from today.

Sivin folded again, regaining some of his momentum he slammed into his victim. There was a surprise whoosh as Sivin hit him full in the middle of his back. As they hit the ground together, the sound shifted to a muffled scream. Sivin thrust his head outward and screamed in defiance. 

With that he leapt into the open air and started rowing for the opening in the gargantuan trees. Misiq appeared on either side, whipping weighted nets around their head and launching them at Sibin. He roared again in frustration as he searched for another escape from what was obviously a well planned trap the Misiq had set for him.

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