NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 27

Busy today tracking down the elusive bargains on Black Friday. I’d hoped to reach the 50,000 for a “win” today, but it seems that the finish line was put off until tomorrow.

“Then I will carry you. At least to the stream. From there perhaps you can walk on your own.”

Askari sighed. “Very well. I guess I don’t have much choice.”

Ena moved close again. Taking Askari by one arm, pulling him across Ena’s shoulders and then grabbing a leg just at the knee to help stabilize. Ena made several small adjustments until he seemed satisfied.

As they moved, Askari noticed a vaguely familiar mix of odors gathering. It smelled of sharp spice, grass curing in mid-summer and musk. Askari found the combination drew him to the big Misiq, his body responding in ways that filled him with feelings similar to what he had felt when they discovered Ena before.

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