NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 21

Pasted the daily goal today and am very pleased about that. Today’s last words is longer, about 200 words actually. It was the end of a scene and I thought you might like to see the entire ending. Hope you are enjoying the snippets. Just a rough draft, but hopefully still interesting.

His form immediately began to change before them. His face flattened and his ears lengthened slightly. The tuft of hair that had already crowned his ears became more dominant. His fingers shortened and thickened, his nails changing to sharp claws that slowly retracted into his morphed fingers. His skin changed to a dense tan coat of fine fur and his incisors stretched past his lower jaw. The tail again extended from the base of his spine to curl in an arc over his back.

He looked at them for a moment before stretching deeply and running his tongue over his mouth. Askari absently noticed the slight cleft in his lip from the human form became much more defined. With a coughing roar at the pair, he walked away slowly. The first step showed a definite limp in the hind leg. With each subsequent step it lessened until it was gone. With that he lunged forward and quickly disappeared from sight without a backward glance. 

Askari stood staring at the spot Ena has disappear. His emotions were in a confusing twist.

“Machi’s change is more elegant.”

Askari turned to find Dhala with his arms crossed, glaring after Ena. When Dhala met his gaze, he couldn’t keep from laughing.

“What?” Dhala asked.

“You are not exactly the most objective when it comes to Machi.”

Dhala raised an eyebrow as his lips twisted to one side. “Where you think you are not biased when it comes to Ena?”

“What do you mean?” Askari said with a defensive note.

“I mean you have never looked at anyone, from any caste, the way you look at the Misiq.”

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