NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 20

Close to the daily goal.

“You’re going to pull on his foot until everything is aligned again. Once the bones are in place, or as many as we can discover, then I’ll lit the leg to keep it from shifting. Do you understand?”

With a nod he wrapped his hands around the thick foot. He absently noted the thick sudo-claws that he had instead of toenails. He was jarred back to his task by a word from Dhala.


Askari started applying tension.


He slowed slightly but kept the pressure similar. At times there were soft crunching sensations traveling to Askari’s hands that made him want to cringe. But he’d managed to keep his face as blank as the cliffs they’d been climbing. He was accomplishing his goal until there was a stout snap and a loud grown erupted from Ena, shuddering Askari to his core.

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