NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 16

Made it to the daily goal, but it’s rough–really rough.

They had barely cleared the doorway when Machi and Jua appeared beside them. They had only taken a few steps when Machi tried to help Askari walk. They stopped and he raked all of them with a glare.

“I am not an invalid. I swear to the twins the next person to try and help me is going to be picking themselves up from the ground. I am following Tayi’s instructions. You are welcome to monitor me. But I will not be carried around again.”

The other three looked thoroughly chastised and followed a half step behind them. Although Jua refused to leave his fishing bear behind and after a very short distance he was again jabbing it at imagined fish that were much larger then the one he’d taken.

Also, if you are interested, Home Grown, my foodie romance, is available for $1 for the next week from Dreamspinner Press.

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