NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 15

The weekend is almost over. Back to toiling in the mines tomorrow. But it has been a catchup weekend. Hopefully the week will not be an evil soul suck and I won’t be lagging behind again. But at the end of Sunday I was slightly over 26,000 words. Today’s final 100 ended at a great place in the scene. What a concept. LOL

Dhala removed a small flat case from a spot above him. Once it was opened, he could see it was filled with a variety of small blades. Dhala selected one and then bared a bit of skin on the inside of his thigh. He choose one of the blades and pressed it against his skin. It parted almost immediately and a small stream of blood started down his leg.

Askari almost broke his silence when his friend began to carve into himself with quick deft strokes of the knife. By the time he finished, the blood flowed freely. This time he could no longer let this go on. He began to speak, and his world went black.


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