NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 14

An odd Saturday, but I managed to get in quite a bit of writing today. Over 2000 words. hopefully tomorrow will be crossing the halfway point.

Here are my 100 (or so) words for today.

Even though the items had all been removed from the bag, she continued to search through the bag. He was about to point out that it had been emptied of its contents when she pulled a rawhide envelope that was as hard as rock from the bag. The packet was about as thick as his finger and roughly the length and width of his hand. Covered with bright geometric shapes, it was unlike anything he had seen before.

She turned to the light and began unfolding the unusual container. Each side folded away until it exposed a handful of blades, each one carefully tied to the bottom layer. He leaned closer to realize it was a collection of both iron and flint blades. None longer than his finger, and most far shorter. He looked to his mother for explanation.

“They are the healing knives used by my family since the Chinjoka flew to this world from the forth.”


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