NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 13

First, Friday the thirteenth. I hate Friday the thirteenths. But other than the normal grind at work it went fine. The writing still isn’t up to my daily goals, but I’m hoping to catch up over the weekend. I hope everyone gets time to relax and recharge over the coming few days.

Here are my 100 (or so) words for today.

The hata bull bucked, trying to dislodge Machi, but he only bit deeper. Dhala had tossed his bow to one side and was standing at the outside of the area of the fight between the two. He was trying to find an opening, just a pause, more distance. He wouldn’t let this got any worse.

Then it happened. The bull dropped to his knees again. Dhala shot into the pause, grabbing Askari by the arms and backing away as quickly as possible, dragging Askari with him. Other hunters surged past to help Machi. But he didn’t care. Askari was badly injured. Once he had pulled his friend to a sheltered place, he turned to find Jua and Tayi racing toward them. 

Tayi kneeled close to Askari and opened the bag she carried. She cut away his tunic and then gently probed his torso. After a moment or two, he groaned deeply and turned. Dhala breathed a little easier, but then the injured man never opened his eyes.


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