NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 12

We are now in the part of the novel where the story has a life of its own….

Satisfied everything was as it should be, he turned to find Askari coming toward him. Once they were close, the Onija nodded to Dhala.

“Everyone is ready.”

Dhala knelt, put his hand against the ground and felt the pounding of a multitude of heavy hooves crossig the valley toward them. “They’re coming.”

They sprinted to their positions. Dhala noched a hunting arrow the length of his arm and squatted into the grasses. He glanced over to see one of Askari’s spears hovering just below the top of the grasses. Then they disappeared from sight in the terrain that was a mix of the sere brown of the grasses left from the fall, and the deep green of the new growth. The hata migration happened because of the need for tender new grasses for the newborn calves.


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