NaNoWriMo Last 100 words – day 9

Another busy day, but I got some writing done. I also added another character, six year old Jua. I’m not sure I mentioned it, but Aerie is intended for the teen/YA market. And to be a trilogy. We’ll see how it looks on Dec 1. Here’s today’s last 100 words.

The fledgling wrapped his arms around himself and led the other two back to the sheltering cliffs. As they started on the pathway to their home, Jua stopped abruptly and turned to them. “It’s my fish, right? So I can do whatever I want? I want to share it with Askari and Machi. Tayi said they were your best friends.”

“Jua, I don’t know if Machi will come.”

Askari waved his hand. “He’ll come. I’ll tell him personally that Jua wants him to come.”

Dhala’s jaw muscle flexed. “What if he doesn’t want to come.”

Askari lifted one brow. “I will be very persuasive.”


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