Double Trouble: Chapter 51

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 51

Josh and Mitch took turns with Darren and Trent to keep an eye on the twins. Ever since Mitch had pointed out that they might not be as innocent as they’d thought, he and Trent had become two over protective dads.

Josh stood next to the punch bowl and glared the boy Samantha had brought each time they came close. He was pretty certain the boy was getting to be a nervous wreck, which suited him just fine. But he decided he should dial it down a little, Samantha shot him a glance that didn’t bode well for when the party was over. He spotted Mitch in a darkened corner and joined him.

Mitch was working on a glass of punch from the ‘adult only’ bowl that was still more pink and foamy than Josh preferred. But after the night he was having, he took the glass Mitch offered.

His first sip burned all the way to his toes, and he’d have sworn it singed off the hairs on the inside of his nose. He gasped as the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding rushed out of his lungs.

“Holy shit! What did they put in that!”

Mitch chuckled as he took another sip. “I might have helped a little. It just tasted like pop and melted ice cream. It needed a little kick.”

“You spiked the whole bowl? No one will be able to drive tonight.”

Mitch rolled his eyes. “No. I’m not stupid. Just our glasses, and Darren’s. Not Trent’s though. It just winds him up.” Mitch winked at Josh. “And from the look of things when I came to drop off Samantha, you don’t want to have Trent impaired tonight.”

Josh’s face flushed slightly. He opened his mouth to try and defend him and his husband, but after seeing the glimmer in Mitch eyes, he closed his mouth and turned back to the costumed guests at the party. The costumes varied from the traditional ghosts and vampires, to pop stars and science fiction characters. After watching for a minute, Josh began to smile.

“It looks like most of the guests are having fun.” He looked around the room, trying to find their kids. After a few moments, he turned to Mitch. “Samantha’s dancing with her friend, but I don’t see Danny.”

Mitch didn’t seem very concerned, which made Josh wonder. Danny was unpredictable, and Mitch usually worked hard to keep him out of trouble. Josh studied him intently and was about to ask more questions when Trent walked over.

“Have you seen Danny? I can’t find him.”

Josh cocked an eyebrow at Mitch before turning back to Trent. “I was just making the same observation, but Mitch said I shouldn’t worry about it.”

They both turned to Mitch. “Why should we not worry? It’s Halloween, and our kid is doing God knows what with God knows who.”

Mitch sighed and rolled his eyes. “Fine. But don’t do something stupid. He wanted to show his friend the new tools we got in the shop.”

“Well, shit!” Josh snapped and he turned to go check on his son. But before he could take the first step, Mitch grabbed his arm and pulled him back. Josh scowled at him and yanked his arm away. He started to voice his opinion, but Mitch waved him to silence.

“What are you going to do? You are assuming he’s doing something he shouldn’t. You might be right. But what if they aren’t doing anything? Hell, what if they’re naked and fucking like bunnies? What are you going to do? Forbid them to see each other unless they’re married?”

Josh opened and closed his mouth a few times, but couldn’t think of what to say. It was Trent who answered the question.

“If they aren’t doing anything, then they shouldn’t wonder off by themselves. If they are…” He scowled in Mitch’s direction. “If they are going at it, this isn’t the right time. Anyone could walk in on them. He needs to learn a little control.”

Mitch snorted. “You mean like his parents were showing this afternoon.”

Trent twisted his lips. “We were in our own house, and someone needs to learn to knock.”

Josh motioned to both of them. “Okay, okay. We get the point. But someone needs to go get the two of them.” He turned to Mitch and cocked his lips. “What about it, Mitch. You want to get the horny pair.”

He motioned toward the door as the two slender figures slipping through into the crowd. “Be happy to. There they are.” Mitch paused for a moment. “They don’t look much the worse for wear.”

The trio watched the boys for several minutes. Danny and his friend moved closer and Josh motioned them over. Once they were within earshot he smiled at both of them.

“How’s the party, guys?”

They talked for a minute or two more before turning to walk away. At that point, Trent began to sputter. Josh and Mitch looked at him as he tried to bring his mirth under control. He was finally able to gasp out what he found so funny.

“Looks like it might not have been as innocent as we’d hoped.”

Josh studied them closely and was about to give up, when he noticed the back of Danny’s carefully done hair there were a number of pieces of hay, and his friend sported a dark line of grease right at table level across the back of his jeans. But topping it off was the greasy handprint on one of Danny’s asscheeks.

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One thought on “Double Trouble: Chapter 51

  1. Of course Trent went from over protective to almost proud father lol Danny is too much like him. Are the twins still 11/12 or are they older now in this chapter?

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