Double Trouble: Chapter 48

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 48

“Get out! Get out! Get out of my room.” Danny screamed at Trent.

His hand on the doorknob, Trent froze, his arms filled with dirty clothes he’d been gathering up from each bedroom. Caught so unprepared by Danny’s reaction. Then it dawned on him.

“Sorry, Danny. I –”

“Get! Out!”

This time Trent shut his mouth and left. He couldn’t keep from chuckling as he walked through the living room. Josh looked up from his desk, paused for a minute and then raised an eyebrow at Trent.

“What have you done this time? What’s up with all the screaming?”

“I went into his room to make sure he was up and ready to help with the fence.”

“Yeah? And? What am I not getting? Was he not up?”

“My guess is he was very up…”

Josh looked at his husband for a few moments before the conversation clicked. “Oh, hell. You didn’t walk in on him. Please tell me that we are not going to have to put up with hormonal pissed off Danny all day.”

“Afraid so. ”

“Ah, shit. You pissed him off. I’m working with Sammy.”

“She may not be much better. She was moody last night.”

“Great. Both kids hitting puberty at the same time. Fantastic.”

“It might not be a bad idea to put all the sharp things away.”

Josh sighed and shook his head. “I was really hoping for a little more time before they turned into teenagers.”

“Yeah, well. Apparently it’s not going down that way.”

A loud bang came from the bedrooms. A moment later, Danny stomped out of his room and almost raced outside. The last thing they saw was him shoving a black cowboy hat hard onto his head. The door slammed behind him with enough force to rattle photographs on the walls.

Josh pulled on his hat. “Sammy! Let’s get going. We have to check the cows on the McCracken place.”

The young woman who followed her brother outside didn’t seem to be in any better mood. The baseball cap she was wearing was pulled low enough that neither Josh nor Trent could see her face. Of course, the fact that she never looked up didn’t make it any easier.

With a sigh, they started out the door.

By the time Trent arrived back at the ranch headquarters, his nerves were ripped apart from trying to keep his anger in check. Danny’s mood hadn’t gotten any better. He felt bad about embarrassing Danny, but the sulking teenager wore on his nerves. After a few hours of sullen indifference and outbursts, they’d come to the house. He’d left Danny cleaning out stalls, and escaped to the house in hopes that Josh would give him some ideas.

But when he rounded the corner, he froze in place at the scene of what was obviously a crisis with Sammy.

Josh hugged her tightly for quite some time. Once he let her go, she was red faced and wiping tears from her face. Trent was touched as his husband tenderly brushed a tear from their daughter’s cheek. Another few moments passed before Josh said anything.

“Go clean up. A shower will make you feel better.”

Sammy nodded and disappeared into her room. The moment the door closed, Josh jerked his phone from his pocket and hit a number on speed dial. As it rang he pulled the phone away from his mouth.

“Sammy got her—“ Josh’s expression changed and Trent knew the phone had been answered. “Hi, Nanna. I could use your help.”

There was a long pause and Josh’s face reddened before he had a chance to talk again. “I did what you said. But she’s pretty hysterical.”

“Yes, ma’am. She’s in the shower now.”

Another, even longer pause while Josh listened and nodded—a lot. “Oh, that would be amazing. I would appreciate it so much.”

“Yes, we won’t. See you in a few minutes.”

Josh hung up the phone and sighed in obvious relief. “Nanna’s coming. We might survive.”

Trent’s last thread snapped and he unleashed on Josh. “What the fuck is going on? You better damn well tell me what happened to Sammy before I rip your fucking head off and stomp it.”

Josh looked shocked for a few moments and then answered. “Sorry, it just…well it doesn’t matter. Sammy got her first period a little while ago. Nanna is coming to help. She’d offered months ago and told me what to get at the store.” He rolled his eyes at Trent. “Talk about an embarrassing shopping trip.”

Trent chuckled softly but then met Josh’s gaze. “Is she okay?”

“I guess. I hope so. It isn’t like I have experience with this.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

The two busied themselves, hoping Nanna arrived before Sammy finished showering. Worry crept into Trent when they heard the shower turn off. He started trying to work out a way to help Sammy.

“She’s here.”

Trent could have done cartwheels at Josh’s announcement. He raced to the door, swinging it open before she even reached their porch. She stepped past them without a word and disappeared into Sammy’s room.

The time stretched out as Trent and Josh waited. Danny came in, looked at both of them, and disappeared into his room. It seemed like time crept, but then they heard the door open and Nanna walked into the living room. They watched her, trying to determine how bad things were. The elderly woman sat on the couch and smile when Josh handed her a glass of sweet tea.

“She’s fine. A little traumatized, a little embarrassed, same things a lot of us felt when this happened to us.”

“Give me your credit card, Trent. Sammy and I are going to celebrate her becoming a woman with a nice meal and some shopping. Oh, she’s also not a boy and wants to be called Samantha.”

Josh and Trent nodded in unrestrained relief.

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2 thoughts on “Double Trouble: Chapter 48

  1. A time jump! Didn’t expect it but I’m excited to see the twins older, especially Samantha. It’s good to see her get a bit of a spotlight in this series.

    Who is Nanna? Is it Darrin’s mother?

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