Double Trouble: Chapter 36

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 36

“Benji! Wake up!”

Mitch could smell the beer leaking from the young man’s pores. They’d all survived high school, and now Mitch was not going to let him get away with sleeping all day and staying up partying all night. Some of this was the same shit every kid went through, but enough was enough.

Mitch waited a few moments as the kid burrowed deeper into the blankets on the bed. He reached out and grabbed his ankle and shook it, only to realize there were more than two legs under the pile of bedding. Mitch let out a frustrated sigh and left the bedroom. He found a small bucket, filled it with ice and was topping it off with water when Darrin walked into the kitchen.

Darren rummaged in the cabinet for a few moments, pulled out a coffee cup and started filling it. Once he’d taken a sip, their eyes met. Mitch smiled slightly as he topped off the ice filled bucket with water.

“Looks like it’s going to be a fun day around the ranch.”

Mitch jiggled the ice water and grinned when the sloshing sound filled the kitchen. “Benji had a little sleepover last night. And neither of them can seem to make it out of bed.”

Darren looked thoughtful for a few moments and Mitch knew he was coming up with something to make it all more interesting. He winked at Mitch and he knew the stakes had just gotten higher.

“Well let’s just let Ben, cause you know he wants to be called Ben now, let’s let Ben clean out the hen house. It’s suppose to be about ninty-five today and that house hasn’t been cleaned since last fall. I think the aroma of old shit would be just the hangover cure we need.”

Mitch began to chuckle. “You can be a truly evil man.”

Darren shrugged before taking another sip. After a moment he winked at Mitch. “I’m not the one holding the bucket of ice water.”

Mitch considered for a few moments before he shrugged. “This should make the day fun.”

Mitch headed down the hallway, bucket in hand. He popped open the door again. “Hey! Ben! We were starting an hour ago. Get your ass out of bed.”

Benji’s only response was a grumble and burying himself deeper in the blankets. Mitch waited for a few more seconds. Knowing he wasn’t going to move, Mitch sighed and shook his head. They aren’t moving. Damn it!

He grabbed the bedding and without thinking yanked it off. Holy shit. Should have thought about them being naked. Mitch turned away without tossing the water.

Benji screamed at Mitch. “You old fart son of a bitch! Get out of my room! You have no right to be in here. Get out!”

Mitch shifted from feeling sympathetic with Benji, to pissed off cowboy. He spun and threw the entire bucket of water in Benji’s face while the other guy was frantically trying to pull on clothes.

Mitch glared at the now drenched young man. “Get your clothes on and get outside. We have work to do.”

Benji erupted in a scream and threw a pillow that Mitch caught and dropped to the floor before walking out and leaving Benji yelling behind him. Without a backward glance, he walked through the living room and toward the back door. Darren was almost in the same spot as he’d been left.

“Sounds like it went well,” Darrin said with a smirk.

“Great! Just fucking great,”Mitch as just before slamming the door.

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