Double Trouble: Chapter 33

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 33

“Get your ass up! The fence is down and we have fifty steers in the yard.”

Darrin opened an eye and smiled at Mitch. “Right. Sure. You don’t think I know it’s April Fools day?”

He was hit in the chest by the jean’s he’d left in the floor last night. He instinctively caught them and glared at Mitch. “Okay, it was a good joke. But nothing out, is it?”

Mitch jerked on his boots and grabbed a shirt on his way out the door. “Get up! Now.”

Darrin frowned a little. This was beyond Mitch’s normal jokes. He rolled out of bed still holding his jeans against his crotch. He made his way to the window and pulled back the curtain just in time to see several dark red cattle walk past, taking a mouthful of grass with each step.

“Well, shit!” Darrin pulled on his jeans as quickly as possible and then sprinted out the door to help Mitch. With his shirt flapping in the warm wind, he waved his hands as they tried to move the animals into the corral until they could get the fence fixed. Getting everything ready took the rest of the morning. Both of them were ready when for lunch and a few quiet minutes.

Darrin fished around in the fridge for a few moments before coming out with a couple of bottles of beer. Handing one to Mitch, he flopped onto the overstuffed couch and opened the bottle. He ended a long drink with a satisfied sigh. “Well this morning was fun. And I thought you were playing an April Fools joke on me.”

Mitch drained almost half his bottle before he dropped it to his side and winked at Darrin. “Oh, the day’s not over. Not by a long shot.”

“What’d you mean by that?”

Mitch chuckled and took another drink. “Oh just wait. I’ll get the last shot.”

Darrin thought for a moment. “You better watch it too, bud. I might have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Mitch looked at him and started laughing. “Give it your best try, handsome. Give it your best.”

“You’re on!”

Mitch chuckled, finished his bottle and took it into the kitchen. “I’ve got to check the back fence. I should be back in an hour or so. Then I’m cleaning up the shop from repairing the hay wagon the other day. So I’ll be out there until supper.”

“Sounds good to me. The kids took Danny and Sammy into Lawton to give them a chance to unwind. I have a bunch of grading to do, so I have plenty to keep me out of trouble.”

Mitch kissed him on the cheek and headed out the door. A few minutes later, Mitch’s pickup was roaring through the pasture. Darrin pulled out the pile of exams and began grading.

Several hours had passed when Darrin vaguely noted when Mitch got back and he heard the rattle and crash of the shop being cleaned.

Darrin was making notes on one of the last exams when he heard a scream from outside. He sprinted to the shop, afraid of what had happened. He almost crashed into a pale Mitch. It only took a second for him to realize Mitch was holding one hand and blood was dripping between his fingers.

“Holy shit! What did you do?”

“I’m not sure. Shoved something into my hand. I don’t know if my fingers are working.”

Darrin tried to look at it, but it just caused more blood to gush out. He finally looked at Mitch. “You’re going to have to open your fist and let me see what’s going on.”

Mitch nodded, looking fairly stricken as he slowly uncoiled his fingers. Darrin pulled them open to see how bad the damage was and saw…a capsule. Surprise overwhelmed him for a second, but he realized what had happened just as Mitch said the words.

“April Fools!”

Darrin flared with anger. “You fucking asshole! I thought you were really hurt.” He turned and stormed toward the house, ignoring the laughter following him.

He sat in the darkened living room, too angry to do anything useful. He wasn’t sure which pissed him off worse, that Mitch would fake something so serious, or that he would fall for it.

A half-hour slipped past and he heard the door open and shut. Mitch sat down beside him and Darrin did nothing more than cross his arms and refuse to meet Mitch’s gaze.

“You still pissed at me?”

Mitch ran his hand over Darrin’s chest and toyed with his nipples. The delighted jolts of pleasure shot through him. After a moment he said, “This isn’t going to get you off the shit list.”

Mitch’s hand slipped lower and started groping Darrin’s crotch. “How about now?”

Mitch chewed on his ear and his legs opened slightly to give Mitch more access. Despite this he managed to squeak out. “No. That won’t work either.”

“How about this?” Mitch unzipped his pants and fished out his hard cock. It already glistened with the precum leaking from the tip. Mitch dug his tongue into the underside and Darrin filled with ecstasy. After a few seconds he managed to get out his last words for a while.

“Yeah. It’s all good now.”

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