Double Trouble: Chapter 31

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 31

Trent lay in the dark room, staring at the ceiling. He thought Josh was awake too, but neither of them had much to say to each other in the last day. Their time since Danny was taken had been miserable.

It wasn’t as if people hadn’t done what they were supposed to do. The Amber Alert had gone out. The right people notified. No matter how much they did, it wasn’t enough. Nothing would be enough until their child was returned. If he knew what to do, he’d be out searching. But Sheriff White Cloud was not subtle about telling he and Josh that they needed to get some rest before they both collapsed.

He knew today was going to be critical. They had to find Danny. He refused to think of it any other way. He knew that Josh had a tendency to expect the worst, and Trent was usually his biggest cheerleader. This time it wasn’t going to work though. It took all the strength he had to just put one foot in front of the other.

After lying in the bed without ever falling into any kind of restful sleep, the room had finally lightened to the dark grey of predawn, and Trent stopped even trying to give the illusion of sleep. He flipped the sheet back and eased himself to the edge of the bed. He lacked the strength and determination to make it any further than that. Danny’s kidnapping had left him empty, and angry.

They’d been fighting. Stupidly fighting. Who gave a damn about Josh’s family who they hadn’t heard from in years. Now. Now their son was missing, and Trent couldn’t keep from blaming himself for not keeping their most important thing in their life was safe.

Josh began to move, but it was obvious to Trent that he’d been awake long before he began to stir. He too sat on the bed, his back to Trent who could feel the waves of anger washing off his husband. He stood, and without turning to Trent, he mumbled. “I’m going to shower. Check on Sammy.”

Trent started to argue. He’d checked on his daughter a few dozen times last night. He’d also checked every door and window each time. But he knew it wasn’t going to help to point it out to Josh. The shower was running by the time Trent forced himself into action. He couldn’t make himself care enough to shower. He was almost dressed by the time Josh walked out of the bathroom, barely dried and his shirt sticking to his wet back.

His expression was grim as he fished a pair of socks from his dresser and sat to finish pulling on his clothes. Without a word, he stood and walked out the bedroom and a few moments later the slam of the exterior door rang through the house.

Trent’s boot slipped into place and he stood to follow Josh. This was going to be a long day.

He was surprised to hear the door open again.

“Trent. You better come out here…”

His heart sank as he sprinted for the open door. He found Josh standing on the porch, his jaw dropped in wonder as a single tear made its way down Josh’s cheek. Trent had to agree, the sight before him was beyond amazing.

As far as he could see there were pickups with trailers of every type. Some unloading saddled horses, others for 4-wheelers. As Trent looked from one face to another, he saw nothing but grim determination. He fought his emotions as the sheriff walked to the porch.

“I asked if anyone could help look for Danny, in case he got out somewhere.” He turned to the mass of people, animals and vehicles surrounding them and then back to the couple. “Looks like most everyone had some free time to help.”


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One thought on “Double Trouble: Chapter 31

  1. OMG! My heart is completely breaking. You HAVE to fix this. Couples fight, it happens, they need to get over it and get reconnected so they can be there for Danny when he’s found. Notice, I said when, NOT if. You’re not allowed to do an if, do you hear me?? LOL, like I have any right to tell you haw to write your story.
    Keep up the good work, and hurry up with the next chapter. PLEASE.

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