Double Trouble: Chapter 30

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 30

Trent looked out the window to check on the kids. They’d seemed to decide that today was going to be a day to try and ride the wheels off their bicycles. He watched for a minute as they raced each other around the house.

“Are you hovering?”

He glanced over to Josh at his desk. “You just keep working. I’m taking care of the kids.”

Josh chuckled. “We live in the middle of nowhere. What do you think might happen?”

“These days, who knows. But I’m just keeping an eye on them.”

Josh turned back to the computer screen, shaking his head. “It’s sure changed since I was a kid and I ran all over the place without my parents knowing where I was.”

Trent glanced toward Josh. He waited for a few moments, weighing his comment before he made it. But then couldn’t keep it back. “Your parents aren’t exactly the poster child for how I want to raise my kids.”

Josh turned to him, his face a scowl. Trent waited, knowing there was a storm brewing between the two of them. Josh never had dealt with his parents disowning him to any real level.

“Fuck you, Trent.”

“You know I’m right. You’re parents have never even seen the kids.”

Josh clenched his teeth and slowly pushed away from his desk. He glared at Trent. “Don’t do this. You know how this crap goes.”

“Some day you have to admit it, your parents are terrible people.”

Josh bristled at Trent. “You don’t know them. They aren’t as bad as you think.”

“The people who kicked you out of the house? They’re good?”

Josh looked at him and through gritted teeth he hissed. “You don’t get it. Some day they will understand.”

“You’re right. I don’t get it. I don’t get anyone who sees their kids as disposable.”

Josh’s face was turning red as he turned on Trent. “Drop it. Just drop it.”

Trent tried to calm himself when he heard a scream from outside. Everything else became irrelevant as the two of them raced out the door. They rounded the corner in time to see a car barreling down the road with dust boiling up around it, making it impossible to see it clearly.

Sammy was still standing in the middle of the driveway screaming at the top of her voice. It took Trent a moment to realize she actually was trying to say something but was too hysterical to be understood. Trent raced to her as Josh tried to find Danny.

Trent’s stomach twisted and made him want to vomit. He knew what had happened. He’d been bickering with Josh, and someone had taken their child. He dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around Sammy.

“What happened, Sammy? Where’s Danny? It’ll be okay. Da and I will fix everything.”

Sammy gasped, her voice trembling as she calmed herself. While she might not be screaming hysterically, she had an iron grip on Trent. It took a few moments to calm herself, and then she tried to tell her parents what happened.

“That guy came up. We were riding bikes just in the driveway, just like you said.”

Trent pulled her tight and Josh walked over, and the look on his face told Trent he was not doing well either. He focused on their daughter. “It’s okay, baby. You didn’t do anything wrong. Just tell Daddy what happened.”

She nodded and swallowed hard. “The guy said he’d lost his puppy. He had a leash and everything.” She turned to Trent. “Danny wanted to help him look, but you said to not trust strangers. I’d never saw him before.”

“You did really good, Sammy. What happened next,” Trent asked.

Sammy wiped the tears from her eyes. “Danny went to look inside the pickup. The stranger said he had another puppy in the back seat. Then he grabbed Danny. He yelled and kicked, but the guy threw him in the pickup and took off.”

Trent wrapped his arms around Sammy. “You did good. So good.” He turned to look at Josh, and found him holding his phone.

Through tightly held teeth, Josh got out. “Our son has been taken!”

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