Double Trouble: Chapter 27

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 27


The early spring sunshine felt good against Josh’s bare skin. The slight heat warmed his skin and chased the last of the winter chill from his system. He stretched his arms above his head and grinned to see Trent coming around the corner as bare chested as he was. But Trent didn’t have to be as careful about sunburn with his darker complexion. He pushed the wheelbarrow beside the garden they were about to tackle. Trent glanced up, caught his eye and grinned.

“What are you up to?”

Josh licked his lips when Trent tugged his jeans up his slender waist. He never ceased to be amazed at how hot his husband was and how lucky he was to have snagged him. He let his gaze trail upward to enjoy Trent’s torso as he stretched. Suddenly, he realized Trent was waving his hand in from of him.

“Hey! Earth to Josh. How do you want to do this? It was your idea.”

Josh started to explain when Sammy and Danny rounded the corner, closely followed by Benji and Stephen. He couldn’t restrain a chuckle at all the bare chests. But Danny’s was the funniest. The youngster’s skin was as white as the belly of a catfish and looked even paler with the black cowboy hat he’d found somewhere and insisted he had to wear.

This was his family, lord help them all. He waited for a minute until they were all listening to him. “Okay, we’re going to plant a garden this year, and it’s time to get out some of the stuff before it gets too hot.” Josh pulled out a handful of seed packets and pointed to a bucket filled with potato pieces. As he flipped through the seeds he showed them to Danny and Sammy.

Sammy studied each one carefully, while Danny fidgeted from one boot to the other. She picked out some lettuce and radishes and held them out to Josh. “Da, can we plant these? They look like a good salad. I think we’d like them.”

“Sure, that sounds like a great idea.” He turned to her twin. “What do you think, Danny?”

He found Danny twisting around on one foot letting dirt and gravel drop from his hands. He looked at Josh and then Trent for a moment before walking over and looking into the small packets Josh held. He looked up, still squirming. “Looks like dust. They’re pretty small.”

Josh met the earnest eyes of the child looking to him for a solution. They both knew Danny didn’t have the dexterity or patience to plant the tiny seeds, but he wanted to help too. Josh studied him for a few moments and then grinned.

“You know, Danny. You love fried potatoes so much. I have an idea.”

“What’s that?”

“I think you and Daddy can plant the potatoes. Maybe get Benji and Stephen to help. Then when we dig them we can have lots of delicious fried potatoes.”

Danny studied the pail of potato pieces before looking at Josh and grinning. “I think that’s a great idea, Da. I really like fried potatoes. Maybe you can teach me how to cook them?”

“Maybe so. But they can be your special part of the garden. It’ll be up to you to keep the potato bugs off them.”

Danny’s grin expanded across his face. “You mean I can squish ‘em?”

“That’s right. You can squish ‘em ’til the cows come home.”

Danny turned to Trent. “Daddy, we need to plant the potatoes. ‘Cause I’m going to have tons of fried taters come summer.”

Trent patted his son on the back and soon the four of them were digging the bed for potatoes and with Danny crawling down the rows on his hands and knees to carefully plant the pieces. Benji and Stephen helped some, but mostly served to pester each other and chuckle.

Josh and Sammy worked to plant their little patch of salad greens. Sammy was very careful as they planted the tiny black seeds into the loose soil. Before too long they’d finished and Josh glanced around with a satisfied smile. Their garden was planted, or at least the first part of it was.

“Folks, it looks good. I guess we’ll clean up and call it a day.”

Benji almost giggled as he leaned against Stephen. “Steve and I’ll use the shower in the stables to clean up.”

As he turned Trent grabbed his arm. “I think Steve is a big boy and doesn’t need any help. Why don’t you help put the tools back while Steve showers and then he can help Josh get some lunch together.” He flashed Benji a wicked gleaming smile. “I’m sure it’ll be good for Steve’s arm if he isn’t carrying you around on it.”

Josh barely kept back a snort of amusement at the scene. He glanced at the kids and was happy to see they were oblivious to what had taken place. As Benji stomped off to the toolshed, Josh walked close to Trent.

“He’s pissed at you.”

“Tough shit. If I have to be good and not get a nooner in the shower, he damn sure isn’t.”



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