Double Trouble: Chapter 26

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 26

Benji gritted his teeth as he leaned against the wall of hay. His T-shirt was shoved up his back and his pants around his ankles as Stephen sent his thick fingers deeper. The building was hot and sweat streamed from both of their bodies. But they’d spent the day teasing each other and he needed some relief.

Stephen stepped close and reached around Benji. He braced himself but then Stephen wrapped his hand around Benji’s cock and began stroking it. “How’s that? Maybe a little hand job.”

Benji groaned as Stephen’s huge hand stroked up and down his hard shaft. “You asshole. Quit teasing me.”

Stephen’s hot breath flared across his neck sending electrical pulses through his body. Benji arched his back, wanting Stephen. He wasn’t going to last much longer as he felt the familiar rumbling of his orgasm building. He turned to the scruffy face of his lover and almost whimpered. Their lips met and it blasted through Benji with the heat of molten metal.

“I’m gonna come. Fuck me.” This time the desperation in his voice left no doubt.

Stephen pulled back and he could tell he was searching for something. After a moment or two he looked back, frustration etched across his face. “What’s wrong?”

“No lube. We don’t have lube.”

“Just fucking wipe the sweat off me and use that. Shove it in.”


“Do it! Fuck!”

Stephen hesitated, but then followed the instructions. Stephen wiped his hand down his back. A few seconds later one of his thick digits penetrated him and he gasp. This might not be such a great idea.

Before he could pull together his thoughts, Stephen’s cock was pressing against his opening. Benji tightened his jaws against the agony that was coming. Bolts of sharp pain shot from his ass as Stephen pressed deeper. He braced himself, knowing it was going to get worse, but was surprised when it didn’t. After a few easy bounces, Stephen slipped inside.

As he pressed deeper, the discomfort came in waves, but nothing different from the few other times they’d had sex and those times all included plenty of lube. A second later, Stephen hit bottom and Benji sighed with relief. There was a moments pause and then Stephen started fucking him.

The pleasure was building, but so was the pain. It was a delicious mix for the most part, and Benji knew neither of them would last long. Soon Stephen’s hips slammed into Benji and gasping for breath. He wrapped his arms around Benji and started playing with his nipples. Even with the building pain, that sent him over the edge.

His muscles locked as he started pumping white cream onto the hay in front of him. Stephen still jerked his cock as he slammed harder and harder against Benji. After a few moments Benji’s euphoria began to drain off, and he just wished Stephen was finished.

Fortunately a moment or two later he got his wish as his quarterback slammed against his ass and trembled as he filled the condom. Benji tried to contain his now significant pain as Stephen relaxed against him. Then with a kiss, Stephen pulled out and began tucking himself back into his pants.

Benji pushed himself upright and began to struggle to put his clothes back in some kind of order. He found himself in Stephen’s embrace, looked into the ice blue eyes and couldn’t help but smile.

“I gotta run, babe. But I’ll Skype you tonight. That was amazing.”

In spite of the pain shooting from his ass, Benji couldn’t help but smile. “It was amazing. I can’t wait to talk to you.”

With a final kiss, Stephen trotted to his pickup. He watched as the stud of his dreams sped off to play a game Benji didn’t really understand, but that was okay. He had what he wanted.

A tendril of pain curled through him, and he knew he needed to get to the house and clean up. Everyone was gone but Trent, so he hoped to get to his room without a discussion about why he was moving so slowly.

He made his way to the house and quietly entered. He thought he’d escaped notice until he heard Trent call to him. With a sigh he eased to the doorway of their office. Trent looked up from the keyboard and smirked.

“How you doing?”

Benji nodded. “Okay, why.”

“How sore are you?”

Benji felt as if his face were a bon fire. “What’re you talking about.”

Trent pointed to the open window. “Well, you two aren’t quiet. And you didn’t sound too comfortable toward the end.”

Benji dropped his head to stare at the floor. “We didn’t have lube. I thought we could do it without it.”

“Yeah, everyone makes that mistake…once.”

Benji swallowed what was left of his pride. “What should I do?”

“Go take a hot bath and soak for awhile. Sometimes that helps.”

Benji nodded and turned to make his way out of the room. He heard Trent chuckle and turned back.


“Be glad I bought you pre-lubed condoms.”

Benji grimaced as Trent chuckled and motioned him away.



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One thought on “Double Trouble: Chapter 26

  1. Oh Benji …you should have knew that. 😉 Steven seems to be a considerate lover but I think the critical point will be when he has to decide to if he comes out or not.

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