Double Trouble: Chapter 23

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 23

Josh rushed around the kitchen, worried at what Trent might say when he wasn’t being supervised. He wasn’t the model of decorum anyway, and he still wasn’t sure how Trent felt about Danny’s teacher. They’d gotten off to a rocky start. He jumped a little when Benji rounded the corner.

“How’s the stuff coming? Trent looks about as happy as a cat in a dog pound.”

He chuckled and sat out the glasses and started filling them. “I about got it ready. I was trying to find something besides beer to drink.”

Benji grinned. “Give them one of those boxes of juice you give Danny and Sammy. That should be entertaining.”

“Somehow I don’t think the response would be all that good from Missy’s moms.”

“Maybe not. But I’ll take these out before Trent passes bottles of beer to everyone.” He grabbed the wooden tray and headed for the living room, and dead silence.

Josh scoured the kitchen for something they could serve. He opened the pantry doors, and saw the row after row of bags of cookies. He shrugged. At least it was something. He grabbed a big platter and dumped several bags of cookies onto it, arranged them quickly and then headed into the living room.

He sat the platter on the table and sat beside Trent.

“Debbie was just telling me how they managed to find this crazy conservative part of the country,” Trent said with his eyes crossing when he turned to Josh.

He squeezed Trent’s hand in warning. “Yeah not everyone can be lucky enough to be born in the backside of nowhere like I was. Trent was hitchhiking through and ran out of cash. All to my benefit of course.”

“That’s what I tell Rachel every morning. I have a job, she has a job and we have Missy.”

Josh took a drink of his lemonade, realizing that they weren’t automatically going to be friends just because we were gay couples. The silence built for several minutes as they sipped their drinks and nodded to each other. When the conversation started again, it was Debbie who was started it again.

“Yes, we met while we were in college. We both joined the gay-straight alliance on campus and ended up being officers. Once we worked past the hating each other thing, we started dating.”

“Oh yeah. We understand. It took a little time before Trent and I warmed up to each other. There were a few bumps in the road for us too.”

Trent rolled his eyes, but didn’t comment. The two women smiled knowingly. The tension was building again when Danny came in the room. He froze and stared at the adults.

“Hi, Danny. How are you today?

“Mrs. Anderson? Am I in trouble?”

Everyone smiled and Debbie waved her hands to dismiss his concerns. “No, no. Your dads’ invited us for some snacks and so Sammy and Missy could play.”

“Oh.” Danny scrutinized each of them in turn before shrugging. “Okay, I guess.” He looked at the platter of cookies and frowned. “Those my cookies?”

Josh looked at them for a moment before he realized what Danny was asking. “They are for the everyone, Danny. But they were in the cabinet.”

Danny grabbed a handful of cookies from the platter and took a bite from one. “They’re good. I checked ‘em out.”

Dread grew in Josh as Danny trotted out the door. He eased back to the group and smiled broadly. He took the edge of the platter and shook it. This time as he rattled the plate, he noticed small crescents out of maybe a third of the cookies. Time to explain to Danny about not putting food back into the bag after you’ve eaten from it.

Rachel picked up one of the cookies that had been taste tested and smirked at the boys. “I think I’ll pass on the cookies.”

Debbie grabbed one of the cookies and popped it into her mouth. She chewed on it for a few moments and shrugged. “Taste fine to me. I’ll have to get Danny’s recommendations.”

Before the conversation could progress any further, Sammy and Missy came into the room. All eyes turned to them when it became obvious that Sammy wanted to ask the adults a question.

“What’s up, sweetie?” Josh asked.

“Missy’s momma said they were going to a testicle festival at our house. What’s a testicle festival? Are we having some kind of party?”

Debbie began coughing at the question while Rachel’s face turned brilliant red. She managed to get herself under control and looked at her wife. “I think this is your turn to explain.”

Trent grinned but Josh covered Trent’s mouth. His gaze danced with amusement, but he nodded to Josh. He leaned forward, grabbed a handful of cookies and his drink. He leaned back and grinned. “This should be good.”

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