Double Trouble: Chapter 22

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 22

Josh glanced up as the vacuum cleaner roared into action. He found Trent working it across the floor as if he were a super hero battling all evil in the world. The grim look on his face did little to deter the impression.

“Are you going to sterilize the barns too? Cause if you are, I have a list of other things you can do.”

Trent glared at Josh. “I just want everything to be clean. I don’t want it to look like some frat house.”

“You do realize this is a play date for a couple of five year olds?”

Trent started to say something but clamped his lips closed. The vacuuming was even more frantic than it had been before he said anything. Josh shrugged his shoulders and focused on the work in front of him. He had blocked out the noise of Trent’s preparations, but slowly realized Danny was standing beside him. Josh fought to keep from laughing. His head was covered with a red bandana, but somewhere he had gotten a ruffled apron that he’d put on and it hung to his ankles. Josh swallowed and pushed back the laughter.

“What’s up, Danny?”

“Daddy said to dust, but I think I’ve dusted everything already.”

Josh got a sinking feeling that Danny had been literal again. He tried to remember if he and Trent had asked the kids to help before…and he couldn’t.

“Where did you dust, Danny?”

“Me and Sammy’s room.”

“Why don’t you show me.”

“Okay. Come on.”

They made their way down the hallway and Danny pushed open his door. Josh stood and looked at the room, torn between rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter, and being horrified.

“Danny, what did you dust with?”

“Flour. I didn’t think Daddy would want me putting real dirt on everything.”

Josh fought desperately to keep from smiling as he surveyed the room. Every surface that could hold it was covered with a film of white. It reminded Josh of a ghost’s room in a cheap B movie. “Nope, I’m sure he’ll be glad you didn’t use real dirt. I think I better get Daddy and Sammy so they can see.”

He walked down the hall and stood watching Trent put the finishing touches on the room. He finally turned, saw Josh and his face fell. “What’s wrong?”

“What did you tell Danny to do?”

“I told him to dust his room.”

“And who is the most literal person on the planet, other than you.”


Josh could tell Trent was going through the possibilities. His head dropped to his chest after a few moments. “Please tell me he didn’t cover his room with dirt.”

“Nope. He thought you wouldn’t like it if he used real dust.”

Trent ran his fingers through his hair. “So instead he used?”


“Oh, hell.” Trent spun and started down the hall. But Josh grabbed his arm.

“Trent, it looks like he really worked hard to do what you asked him to do. Don’t come down on him.”

Trent studied Josh and then shrugged. “You’re right. I know I have to be careful how I ask for things. This time I screwed up.”

“Oh, God. Danny! You’re in so much trouble,” said Sammy.

Josh and Trent sprinted down the hallway. They jerked to a stop and a soft gasp eased from Trent as he looked around the room.

“Holy hell.”


Josh and Trent looked down to find the concerned face of their son. “Daddy, I in trouble?”

Trent stepped inside the room and a little cloud of white whirled around his boot. He reached over and picked up Danny and turned to look over the room. “It’s not your fault, Danny. Daddy should have explained better. I really meant for you to take a dust cloth and wipe the stuff clean. But we’ll all pitch in and clean this up in no time.”

The front door opened and Benji stepped through. He toed off his boots and saw the rest of the family standing in the hallway. “Hey, a car just turned into the driveway and are headed toward the house. What are y’all doing anyway.” He moved until he could see the bedroom. “Ah, shit.”

Josh smiled lopsidedly. “Apparently they’re going to meet the real us.”


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