Double Trouble: Chapter 21

Wednesday Briefs

A furious Trent goes to pick up the kids. For more free flash reading check out the list of authors at the bottom of this post.

Chapter 21

Trent’s temper surged as Mrs. Anderson closed the door and he watched through the window as she moved back into the room of kids. She glanced back once, but then shifted her gaze nervously. Trent set his jaw and turned back to Josh. “My child is not staying in that woman’s classroom. I’m going to talk to the principal right now and fix this.”

He started, only to be pulled to a stop by Josh. He spun, ready to explode with anger. Before he could say anything, Josh held up a hand. “Not now. We don’t really know anything. Let’s wait and see what happens. Okay?”

Trent’s anger flared, but he fought it down, knowing Josh was calmer than he was in these situations. “Don’t like it. But okay.”

Josh led the way back to their pickup. Trent climbed in on the passenger side and sat with his arms crossed. By the time they arrived back at the ranch, his blood was boiling with anger and he knew he couldn’t be around anyone, not even Josh. The moment they rolled to a stop he was out of the pickup and almost sprinted toward the barn. “I’ve gotta fix some of that fence around the north one eighty.”

“You need any help?”

“No, probably better for me to put off some pissed off.” He knew Josh would understand, and he reminded himself how lucky he was. But he was soon zipping through the pasture on the gator, its backend piled with fencing supplies, including a pair of post hole diggers. He pulled up to the first stretch of fence, walked down the small section and started pulling out what posts he needed from the vehicle. A few minutes later he was embroiled in repairing this section of fence like his life depended on it.

His shirt and the waste of his pants were soaked with sweat and he was wearing out when he sensed someone watching him. He glanced around to find Josh sitting on his horse.

“What are you doing? I’m not going to hurt anyone, yet.”

“We need to pickup the kids in an hour. I thought you might like to clean up so you can go with me.”

Trent started tossing tools back into the all-terrain vehicle. “Just let me change clothes and I’ll be ready. Won’t take me but a minute.”

Josh started chuckling. “Oh hell no. You’ve moved way past sweaty and sexy and right into he fucking stinks. You’re not getting in the truck with me smelling like you do.”

Trent threw the last few tools into the gator with more force. His anger started to build again. “I’ll meet you at the house. It won’t take long to clean up.”

A short time later found them headed down the same roads as they used this morning to retrieve their children. Trent spent the entire trip struggling to keep his anger from building any worse. He thought he was doing a good job of keeping his feeling under wraps, when Josh grabbed his shoulder and brought them to a halt. “You have to keep it together. The kids will be watching, and not just ours. We don’t want to give anyone ammunition.”

Trent tensed, but nodded as they continued into the building. They walked to the now open door to find Danny playing with a couple of other boys. One looked every bit as western as Danny, but the other was the preppiest looking kindergartner Trent had ever seen. But the outfits didn’t matter as the three of them built a whole world with wooden blocks.

Mrs. Anderson saw them and smiled as if nothing was wrong. She made her way to the pair, chatting with the kids as she did. Once she was close enough she smiled. “Danny did just fine. The three of them get along great. He’s such an inquisitive little boy, too.”

“Like how to hate gay people?”


Trent prepared to rip into this woman when he heard Sammy calling to them. “Daddy! Da! Meet my new friend. Her name is Missy.”

They turned to see Sammy racing toward them with another little girl in tow. All three adults stood silent as the children approached. Trent dropped to Sammy’s height and smiled at his daughter and her friend. “It’s really nice to meet you Missy. I’m glad you and Sammy are enjoying playing together.”

“Daddy, guess what!”

Trent turned to Sammy. “What’s that sweetie?”

“Missy has two mommies like I have two daddies.”

Trent got a sinking feeling in his stomach. “Oh really?”

Missy and Sonny dropped hands as the little blond girl ran to Danny’s teacher. Mrs. Anderson smiled down at her. “How was school, Missy?”

“Good, Momma, very good.”


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3 thoughts on “Double Trouble: Chapter 21

  1. Oh Trent! I had to laugh at the revelation thinking about Trent’s possible reaction.

    I have a few questions about the past stories. The last time Sam and Gordy were mentioned, Gordy sttd Sam was back home and had a strange expression. Are they still together? It felt like they might have been having issues based on Gordy’s reaction with the guys asked about Sam. Also, was Trent being honest when he told the Sheriff he was bisexual?

      • Oh, that would be great! I liked them, so happy to see their family is fine and they’ll get a backstory.

        Thank you for confirming. Trent is stubborn, so wasn’t sure if he was trying to test the sheriff by answering bisexual vs how the sheriff chose to identify him ^^

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