Double Trouble: Chapter 19

Wednesday Briefs

It’s almost time for the twins to start school. For more free flash reading check out the list of authors at the bottom of this post.

Chapter 19

Trent held up a tiny pair of jeans and waved them in Josh’s face. “Look at this! These suckers are forty bucks. Danny will have them ripped to shreds in a day. What the hell are they thinking?”

“Shh, watch your mouth. We’re around a bunch of kids. The mothers are already giving us the evil eye for being in here shopping. I bet half of them think we’re pervs or something.”

Trent glanced around them at the women who suddenly looked the other way and pretended not to see them. Josh cringed at the frown on Trent’s face. He tightened his grip on the jeans and grabbed a pink dress they’d picked for Sammy. He started waving them over his head. “Attention people. We are married. Our twins are starting school in a week and we’re shopping for clothes for them because they’re already going to get enough crap because they have two dads. Now, if anyone wants to help us find clothes for our kids, there might be a latte in it for you. For the rest of you, shame on you.”

Josh wriggled inside, but knew it was because confrontation wasn’t his thing. Actually he didn’t think it was Trent’s thing either, but you didn’t mess with people Trent held dear. He would protect them more fiercely than a grizzly. Trent was in full mother grizzly mode at that point. Then Josh spotted the inevitable clerk from the store working her way to them quickly. He knew they were about to be asked to leave the store, and it wasn’t going to go well.

Josh braced himself as the woman stopped in front of Trent, who was still holding the pink dress as if it were a shield against the world. “Good Afternoon, gentlemen. Are you finding everything?”

Josh narrowed his eyes slightly at the woman’s demeanor. Was she really trying to help, or was this a polite way to get them out of the store faster. He waited a few seconds but when nothing else was said decided she was really trying to help. He was just about to speak when she dropped her voice slightly. “It’s okay, guys. Really. My son and his partner are trying to adopt. I’m happy to see someone it worked out for.”

Trent caught Josh’s eye and shook his head ever so slightly. He turned to the woman and smiled. “We’d appreciate the help. Danny’s easy. Get him some indestructible jeans and a bale of T-shirts and he’s good. But our daughter…” Josh lifted his hands.

“Well, let’s see what you found.” She went through their shopping cart and pulled out the items one at a time. Josh thought he could hear a slight tisking sound coming from her, but he couldn’t be sure. She laid the clothes over lapping down the edge of the basket. It looked like their cart had been shingled in every kind of pink known to mankind. After a moment when Josh was almost certain she was trying to keep from laughing out loud, she looked up at them.

“Let me guess. You’re daughter likes pink.”

Trent grinned sheepishly. “Looks like Hello Kitty barfed up the clothes we picked doesn’t it?”

“Well that’s certainly one colorful way to put it. But I think we can find a little variety.”

The next half hour were spent getting a variety of dresses and outfits that the woman thought a little girl would want. Josh and Trent found themselves overwhelmed, and before too long they were lumbering to the pickup with bags hanging from every finger. Once they got it all stowed in the backseat, Josh looked at Trent.

“Did we just get played for suckers?”

Trent looked back at the piles of new clothes, mostly for Sammy. “I think she might have played the new dads a little.”

“Well, lets get this shit home and hopefully we’ll have two happy kids.”

The drive home was short but uneventful. They managed to get the bags into the house, although they practically had to wedge themselves through the doors with all the things they were carrying. Darren looked up from where he was reading as they made their way to the living room.

“Successful hunting trip?”

Josh looked at the piles. “I hope so. We had to start over for stuff for Sammy. But hopefully they’ll like what we got.”

Trent walked to the hallway and yelled. “Danny. Sammy. We have a surprise for you.”

A few seconds later they were pounding into the room. “What the surprise? Danny asked.

“We got you new clothes for school.”

Danny pulled open the bag and flipped through the stack. “I like my old ones, they feel softer. I was about to win at my game. Can I go back to my room?”

Trent shrugged. “I guess so.”

Danny’s sock covered feet pounded down the hallway before the words were out of his mouth. With that one having ended, they turned to see what Sammy thought. She was peering into each bag, pulling out some of the clothes.

“They’re all kinds of colors,” Sammy said.

“Yes, the lady at the store said they were the latest styles.”

“But they’re not pink.”

A cold dread slithered up Josh’s spine. “No sweetie. They aren’t all pink.”

She looked up with tears rolling down her eyes. “I told you I wanted pink. You didn’t listen.” A moment later the tears turned to sobs. She ran to her room and slammed the door.

Both men turned to Darrin who glanced at them from the magazine he was reading. “That went well.”


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One thought on “Double Trouble: Chapter 19

  1. They are so spoiled, but I can’t help loving them. And poor Sammy, she made a simple request and it wasn’t fulfilled. Lesson learned for the guys ^^

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