Double Trouble: Chapter 14

Wednesday Briefs

Trent gets a lesson is raising a kid. For more free flash reading check out the list of authors at the bottom of this post.

Chapter 14

Trent stood in the lacy pattern of locust branches while the twins zoomed by on their new bikes. Between Sammy’s squeals and Danny’s motor noises it was obvious they were having fun.

“Hey, Danny. Get that helmet on right. You know the rules,” Trent said.

“Hard ass,” Mitch said in a low voice.

“Damn straight. I had good teachers.”

“Yeah, like you ever listened.”

“Oh, I listened. I just didn’t want you to know I was paying attention.”

Mitch stood silently watching as the two kids whizzed past again and then found a hen wandering across the yard that they decided would be a great bad guy to chase. They took after her like cops after a bank robber on one of their favorite police dramas. But this bad guy could fly and never let the twins get within ten feet of her.

“That hen’s not going to lay an egg for a week,” Mitch grumbled.

“You have no idea where she’s laying anyway. You can’t keep her in the pens.”

“True, very true. Maybe she’ll wear out the hellions.”

“That’d be fine with Josh and I. They’ve had way more sugar than normal. You and Darrin are a bad influence.”

“We try.”

Trent stood quietly and smiled as the two kids wore themselves out trying to catch the small white hen. They did try to keep the kids eating healthy meals and snacks, but he also knew there were times to relax a little. Actually he and Josh had this discussion this morning, and he’d told Josh the same thing.

Maybe Josh deserves a little prize for letting it slide. With luck the kids will crash and he could make Josh squeal later.

“You have a bad smile on your face.”

Trent winked at Mitch. “Nothing you haven’t done before.”

Mitch studied him for a few seconds before shaking his head. “Done it before hell. I did it last night, and in the shower this morning.”

Trent burst out laughing. “We are firmly in the TMI zone.”

“You should know better than to say shit like that in front of me.”

“Ahhmmm, Papa! You said a bad word,” Sammy said.

Mitch squatted to give the little girl a kiss on the forehead. “I sure did, sweetheart. I’ll have to talk to Grampy about punishing me tonight.”

Trent snorted.

Satisfied, Sammy rejoined the chicken chasing, especially now that Max had joined them and the border collie was trying to herd the chicken, and the kids.

Trent jumped when a loud bang came from the equipment shed. He turned to Mitch. “What was that?”

“You should recognize it. You and Josh made that noise often enough.”

“Old man, what’re you talking about?”

“Where did Benji and his friend go?”

Trent glanced around, looking for the young man. “He was here a minute ago. Him and that kid he met at the Dairy Queen.”

The bang echoed across the yard again.

Trent locked eyes with Mitch for a moment and Mitch’s smile grew in size. Trent’s eyebrows shot up.


“Oh yeah, you’re going to have to get better at this if you want to keep up with those two of yours. Benji and the kid from DQ have been making moon eyes at each other since the kid showed up. Then they disappeared into the shed about five minutes later. So I’d guess it’s—“

Another bang sounded, louder than any before.

“And it’s time to keep them from getting lucky in my equipment shed.”

Mitch took a deep breath and bellowed. “Benji! Where you at?”

Crashing sounded from the shed followed quickly feet scrambling over metal and the dull thud of bales of hay falling. A few seconds later Benji and his friend appeared at the open bay door.

The dance between the two of them continued for several seconds as they tried to decide how to part. Benji kept glancing at group outside the house. Then Benji held out his hand and they shook, the other young man waved to them and almost ran to his car.

Benji slowly made his way to the group, with his head bowed. Neither of the men made any comment until he was standing close.

“You okay?” Trent asked.

Benji nodded but look more uncomfortable than he had in weeks.

Mitch reached up and pulled a few pieces of hay from his now white blond hair. “Looks like we need to have the talk.”

Benji looked panicked, and then shocked as Trent started laughing. “I’ll furnish the condoms and lube for the ‘use these’ part of the talk. If I remember correctly they’re a pretty important part.” Trent’s grin grew even wider. “And rubber gloves to make dental damns from. Those thumbs come in handy.”

Benji’s face matched the color his hair had been a few weeks earlier.



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