Double Trouble: Chapter 13

Wednesday Briefs

Setting up for the twins third birthday and Mitch can’t resist. For more free flash reading check out the list of authors at the bottom of this post.

Chapter 13

Darrin stood looking out the window at the brown and grey landscape. Fall had finally arrived, or at least what passed for fall in this part of Oklahoma. The few trees had went from green to brown with little fanfare and the grass had eased itself into it’s winter mantle of shades of tan.

“What are you doing standing around? We’ve got to get ready for the rug rats.” A pair of muscular arms slipped around his waist and pulled him back against a familiar hard body. They carried the comfort of years of familiar embrace. Darrin turned in Mitch’s arms and kissed him.

“Just not ready for winter yet. But it looks like it’s going to be one of those years when we don’t get to have fall.”

“Yeah, I miss having at least a little fall color. East Texas isn’t outstanding, but it’s a damn sight better than southwestern Oklahoma.”

“Which brings me back to my question. What are you doing standing around when everybody will be here any minute.”

Darrin chuckled. “Okay, okay. I’ll get stuff ready. But they picked hot dogs for their birthday meal so it isn’t like it’s going to take much.”

“I fed the horses and the goats in the barn pen. Anything else you need me to do?”

Darrin glanced over as Benji stood dusting his hands on his jeans. The question of if he wanted to stay had never really materialized. After a few weeks, he had seemed to let himself relax and accept that he’d had a good change happen. “Nope, go clean up. They should be here pretty soon.”

The young man nodded and headed down the hallway. They’d given him Josh’s old room which seemed to suit both of them just fine. He wasn’t given a free ride, Benji helped too. But that had never been a battle either. He seemed to know instinctively that he was expected to pitch in, and in exchange he was given a safe place to live.

Darrin chuckled a little. The one thing Benji had seemed to be relieved by was where he lived. He’d spent the first couple of days with Trent, Josh and the twins. But he’d jumped at the offer of a room of his own with Mitch and Darrin. It seemed the twins viewed him as a new toy, and they were kind of hard on their toys. But after the couple of months passed, he seemed to settle into life with their unusual family.

Both Darrin and Mitch had been surprised to find out Benji was actually eighteen, so Sheriff White Cloud hadn’t needed to be brought into the mix this time. Although they had seen the sheriff and he’d ran a background check on Benji, just to make sure there wasn’t a problem. But he and Mitch hadn’t shared that particular detail with anyone else.

“You’re thinking again. We’ve talked about what happens when you think too much.”

Darrin elbowed Mitch. “Smart ass. Get the cake ready. I’m going to start setting the table.”

The next half hour flew past as they got the details of the birthday party finalized. Darrin was hanging the last of the banners when Benji appeared at his elbow. “What do you want me to do?”

Darrin stepped back and glanced around the room. After a few seconds he shrugged. “I think we’re good. You might check with Mitch.”


Benji disappeared into the kitchen as Darrin reviewed all his preparations. He’d already put the hot dogs in the dining room which Mitch put the cake and presents in the breakfast nook they’d had added to the house a few years ago. He’d just finished the final check on everything when he heard a snort from room where Mitch was working. Suspicious of what was going on, he walked into the room to find Benji with his hand over his mouth, laughing.

Mitch looked like the cat that ate the canary so Darrin knew it was certain to be something that he wouldn’t like. He glanced at the table, knowing that would be the first thing Mitch would try something with. He spotted it almost immediately.

“Damn it, Mitch! I told you to get rid of those fucking things.” Darrin grabbed the three candles Mitch had put on the cake, penis shaped candles, and tossed them in the disposal unit. It was all he could do to keep from blowing up at Mitch.

“It’s not funny. That’s just sick. I don’t want those kids being exposed to that kind of shit. I’ve asked you before.”

“Calm down. I wasn’t going to let the kids see them. I was just yanking your chain.”

The front door burst open and Danny and Sammy’s happy chatter filled the house. Darrin moved to intercept the kids. As he moved through the door he turned to Mitch. “Fix it, and fix it now.”



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