Double Trouble: Chapter 11

Wednesday Briefs

Darrin and Mitch get a few minutes alone. For more free flash reading check out the list of authors at the bottom of this post.

Chapter 11

Mitch untied the towel from around his waist and started drying himself while Darrin finished his shower. Mitch chuckled as he recalled today. “Danny is going to make Trent pay for his raising.”

Darrin turned off the water and opened the curtain. As he grabbed one of the towels to dry himself, Mitch stepped close and ran the towel he had over Darrin.

“Umm, feels good,” Darrin said. “And yes, Danny is going to give Trent holy hell. He’ll need to be reminded what he was like when he arrived at the ranch. But the kids don’t need to know his background.”

Mitch swiped the towel over Darrin’s neck then leaned in, kissed his ear and nibbled at it. Darrin chuckled and turned in Mitch’s arms. “What you are you trying to get started.”

Mitch ran his hands down Darrin’s back, grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled them tight against each other. “If you can’t tell what I’m doing then one of us is getting to be an old fart…and it ain’t me.”

Darrin thrusted forward, bouncing their hardening cocks against each other. “Oh? Well I’m not the old one, but if you don’t want grandchildren pounding on the door, we better not fuck around.”

Mitch leaned and and bit down on the base of Darrin’s neck and then sucked on it for a few moments. “Fucking is exactly what I had in mind.”

Darrin ran his hands over Mitch’s hairy chest and rolled his hard nipples between his fingers. Their hips ground against each other with sparks of pleasure traveling through Mitch. They kissed and he ran his hands over Darrin’s body. His hand slipped low, sliding it up and down the crack of Mitch’s ass until he found what he was looking for.

He pried the hard globes of Mitch’s ass apart and wiggled the tip of his finger inside. Mitch’s head dropped against Darrin’s chest and he sighed softly. “Oh yeah, that’s what grandpa needs.”

Darrin started laughing. “I refuse to make out with someone calling themselves grandpa, and no, Daddy won’t work either.”

Mitch grabbed Darrin’s head and mashed their lips against each other in a hard passionate kiss. Both men were panting when they separated a few moments later.

Without a word Darrin took Mitch by the hand and led him to the bed. He wrapped his arms around Mitch and pulled them tight against each other. He trapped Mitch’s face and kissed him hard. Mitch slipped his hands down Darrin’s back and squeezed the cheeks of his butt. Darrin grabbed Mitch’s ass. He loved the feeling of Darrin’s fingers digging into his hairy ass cheeks.

“You like that butt?”

Darrin sank his teeth into Mitch’s neck and bit down. Pain and pleasure raced through his body. He grabbed Darrin and fell backward onto the bed. He ran his hands over Darrin, locking his heels behind Darrin’s meaty thighs. Mitch moaned as Darrin sucked and bit on his neck again.

Mitch reached up and slapped Darrin on the ass. “You give me a hickey and I’ll get even.”

Darrin chuckled and ground their crotches against each other. “You really want me to stop?”

Mitch sighed and thrust up toward Darrin. “Hell, no! But if you fuck around and I don’t get what I want before everyone gets back…it won’t be good.”

Darrin pinned Mitch’s hands above his head and started chewing on his nipple. “Ah, hell. Yeah, that’s good.”

Mitch’s eyes rolled back as Darrin teased his chest. Darrin pinned one of Mitch’s arms above his head and started eating out his arm pit. Mitch enjoyed the texture of Darrin’s hot tongue against his pit. A low groan rolled from his lips and he flipped them over.

“Too late. My turn now.”

Mitch gave Darrin a kiss, then trotted over to their suitcase and dug until he found the small bottle of lube he’d packed in case they had the opportunity for a little fun. He walked back over to Darrin and crawled between his legs. He squeezed some of the liquid into Darrin’s crack and started working his fingers through it. He quickly found Darrin’s slick opening and slid two fingers inside.

“Ah, shit! Easy. It’s been awhile.”

Mitch leaned in and kissed Darrin. “And who’s fault is that, Professor?”

Mitch’s fingers bounced against Darrin’s sweet spot. “Oh, fuck. Mine, okay? My fault. Damn place is a soul suck.”

“That’s right. Now shut up and enjoy. ‘Cause I plan to.” Mitch ran a thick line of gel down the top of his hard cock and stroked it once. He grabbed Darrin’s thighs and pushed them toward his chest.

He pressed his cock against Darrin, finding what he was looking for and pressed forward. In slow starts and stops, Mitch pushed deeper and deeper until his crotch ground against Darrin’s butt. He’d been teasing Darrin, he knew the job was taking all his time right now, but it had been awhile. Mitch knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Ah, shit. That’s it. Fuck me.”

Mitch pulled back and then buried himself inside Darrin. His pace picked up quickly as he started slamming himself into Darrin. He grabbed his cock and stroked it while Mitch pounded his butt.

Too soon Mitch felt the wonderful pressure start, marking the beginning of his orgasm. He pounded Darrin until his thrusts dissolved into a ragged dance as he emptied weeks of come into Darrin.

As Mitch began to come down from his euphoria, the first scalding line of white splashed across his chest. He pumped his softening cock into Darrin as he shot again and again, coating them both. Darrin’s thrashing body started to slow until he collapsed against the bed.

“Shit, that was so good.” Darrin lay panting.

Mitch kissed Darrin softly, lay on top of him and they both tried to calm their racing hearts. “It was fucking good.”

Suddenly pounding sounded on the door joining the two room and shrill voiced yelled out. “PaPa! Grampy! Whatcha doin’?”


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