Double Trouble: Chapter 10

Wednesday Briefs

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Chapter 10

Josh paused for a second as he walked into the shade of the cabana they’d rented for the day. The shade cast by the thatched roof seemed like the darkest cave after walking through the blazing Oklahoma sun. In spite of the fall season, the weekend had turned unseasonably warm.

He chuckled at the twins. Each of them had a lounge chair and were laid back watching him. The scene wouldn’t be nearly as humorous, if not for the fact both of them had dark sunglasses, with white frames. Glancing around, he found Trent and whistled.

“Hey! Trent! A little help here.”

The pink haired kid, Benji, jumped to his feet and took the top two pizza boxes.

“Here. Let me help,” Benji said.

I don’t know about this kid? No one is getting close to my kids unless they prove to me that they deserve my trust. He felt someone squeeze his arm and he found Trent standing beside him. A look passed between them and he shrugged, heeding Trent’s silent request to cut the kid some slack.

“Pizza!” The twins squealed as they dashed toward the food.

Josh is distracted as he gets food on a plate for the two apparently starving small kids. Danny insisted on pepperoni, and Josh let him have it. Even though he knew the youngster would probably have a stomach ache before the day was over. Sammy got a piece of the cheese pizza and settled back to eat contentedly.

Josh studied Benji for a minute, then shrugged. “You better get what you want. When the other three start eating it’ll be gone before you know what hit you.”

Benji smiled and slid two pieces onto one of the paper plates the snack shack had provided. He moved to one of the rattan chairs and started eating. Josh glanced over at Trent, and got a wink in reward.

“The rest of you are on your own. I’m not fixing your plates.”

Trent grumbled and rolled out of the low slung lounge chair he’d been sitting in. He walked over to Josh, gave him a kiss and then filled his plate with several different kinds of pizza. Josh followed behind him and settled onto the floor between Trent’s legs. He bit into his first piece as Danny talked around a mouth filled with pizza.

“I wanna ride the super slipper slide. Sammy and I wanna do that. So that’s first. The super fast slipper slide.”

Mitch reached over and patted Danny on the back. ‘I think we’re more in the kiddy section there, boss. I think you’re too small yet for the big rides.”

Danny puffed up like a frog and glared at Mitch. “PaPa, I is not little! I is big! I wanna ride the super slipper thing like the big boys. I’m not a baby, PaPa!”

Josh glanced at Trent and could tell Trent was thinking the same thing. That their son was about to have one hell of a melt down. He leaned forward and patted Danny on the leg.

“It’s the park rules, Danny. You are a big boy and we’re going to have a great time.”

Danny filled his lungs as the huge tears rolled down his face. “I not baby, Da! I don’t wanna play in the baby stuff.” With each word Danny got louder and louder.

Josh squatted in front of Danny and tapped him on the leg. “You are acting like a baby now, Danny. If you can’t be good then you and I will have to go back to the hotel and you can take a nap.”

Danny sobbed, making a stuttering noise as he struggled to hold his emotions in. Josh looked over at a soft rustling noise to find Sammy scooting out of her chair and climbing beside Danny. She held out the crust she had left to Danny. “Here. I have crust left and some ranch on the plate. I know you like it.”

Danny watched his twin closely before reaching out for the thick crust she offered. He ran it through the puddle of ranch dressing and then started to gnaw on it. He sniffled loudly and wiped his arm over his tear stained cheeks.

“Thanks, Sammy. It’s good.” He looked around before whispering loudly to his sister. “I not a baby, Sammy. I don’t wanna play just in the baby water things.”

Sammy patted his hand. “But I’ll have to be there too. And I want company. So we can play together. Okay?”

Danny crammed more of the crust into his mouth until his cheeks looked like a feeding chipmunk. He watched Sammy as he chewed slowly. “Okay, I play with you then. ‘Cause we’s twins. That’s why.”

Sammy took Danny by the hand and pulled him out of the chair. Then she turned to Josh. “Da, Danny and I are ready to go play.”

She took Josh’s hand and led both of them out of the cabana.

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