Double Trouble: Chapter 4

Wednesday Briefs

Another week of fun with four guys trying to raise a set of twins. I hope you’re enjoying  Double Trouble!

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Chapter 4

Josh worked his way into the living room after he’d put the kids to bed. The television was the only source of light and created Trent’s silhouette. He made his way to the couch and leaned down to kiss his husband on the nape of his neck. Trent tilted his head and pulled Josh in for a gentle kiss.

“How are the kids?”

Josh rolled over the back of the couch and landed with his head in Trent’s lap. He grinned and made a snoring noise.

Trent chuckled and ran his hand over Josh’s T-shirt covered chest. “So you wore them out?”

“Sammy getting that cast off is really what helped. She and Danny have been going full steam now that Sammy’s not broken any more as Danny puts it.” Josh felt very content as Trent’s warm hand lay across his chest and his scent filled Josh. His cock stiffened even before Trent ran his thumb over Josh’s hardening nipple. He ran his hands over Trent’s bare chest and gave him a mischievous grin before reaching up to tweak his nipple rings.

Trent moaned softly, giving Josh’s hard nub a twist before pulling Josh into a kiss. The kiss was unbroken as they hungrily bit at each other, Trent tugging at Josh’s lip with his teeth. Their lips parted, and both of them were panting for air. Trent ran his tongue along the edge of Josh’s ear and whispered. “You keep that up and you’ll be bent over the couch with my cock banging against your butt nut.”

Josh groaned through clenched teeth and twisted the steel rings going through Trent’s nipples again. With a low growl, Trent twisted and then crawled down Josh’s body. Once his face was opposite Josh’s crotch, he pressed against Josh’s hard dick and started chewing on it through the loose workout shorts.

A tremor ran through Josh with Trent’s efforts. Driven to new levels, Josh fastened his hand over Trent’s jeans, squeezed his ass cheeks and then pressed his face tight against Trent’s groin. Delicious smells drifted through his senses, and he inhaled deeply. Trent smelled of sex and testosterone, and drove Josh to new levels of lust.

His fingers dug into Trent’s butt, pulling him tight and covered Josh’s face. Trent’s work on Josh’s crotch had him throbbing as his pleasure built. He loved the feel of Trent’s hands as they slid under his shirt and caressed his back. His shorts slipped further down his hips as Trent slipped his hands under them and ran his hands over Josh’s hairy ass.

Trent slipped a finger between his cheeks and rubbed slowly over his opening. The touch sent jolts through Josh. When the twins were little, it had been easier to slip in a little couple time. But now, two active little kids who were close to three, meant not much time for dads together time. But tonight it looked like the planets were aligning, and Josh was going to get lucky, or Trent was going to get lucky. Oh hell, everyone was getting lucky.

Between the tip of Trent’s finger flicking across his pulsing ass and the thickening scent of Trent’s crotch surrounding his face, he was ready for more. Josh reached up and grabbed the front of Trent’s jeans then popped the button through. He slid the zipper down and the smells drifting from the dense pubic hair he was exposing was so heavy he could taste it on the back of his tongue. He loved to find Trent going commando and his thick cock pulsed as it lay just along the side of Trent’s zipper. Josh leaned in and let his tongue run along the length of Trent’s hot flesh.

“Daddy, I don’t feel good.”

Someone might as well of dropped a rattlesnake on them. Josh flailed to turn to hide what they were doing and pitched Trent into the floor with a resounding crash. Trent tried to slam his zipper closed, and managed to catch his nut sack in the metal teeth. A barely muffled scream came from his clenched mouth.

Josh tried to pull his clothes back on, at least to hide his ass. He was mostly covered, but when he started to stand he realized his erection was still very obvious. He looked down at Trent who was still rolling on the floor and moaning.

“Get up! I can’t go over there like this,” Josh said.

Trent glanced at Josh and his obviously tented shorts and began to push himself upward. He leaned so his lips almost touched Josh’s ear. “Last time for commando. We’re too fucking old.”

Josh smirked but said nothing as Trent walked tenderly to where Danny had sat down on the floor. He folded onto the floor and reached out for Danny.

“What’s wrong buddy? Your tummy not feel good?”

The little boy groaned and held his stomach. “Daddy, I feel really bad.”

Trent cradled the sick child against his chest. Danny groaned again, and projectile vomited so hard it would have made any horror movie fan cheer. It splattered audibly across Trent and the stench flooded the room and had Josh gagging.

Trent glared at Josh as bits of puke dripped from his hair and onto his chest. “Get your ass over here and help me. I don’t fucking care what your shorts are doing.”

“Daddy, not ‘suppose to say fuckin’” Danny whispered.

“Sorry, Danny. You’re right. Da needs to move his rear end and help us.”



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