Double Trouble: Chapter 3

Wednesday Briefs

Week three and more trouble with the twins. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t criticize how someone else takes care of their kids. You’re just painting a giant karmic bulls-eye on your back.

I hope you enjoy Double Trouble!

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A small smile tugged at Trent’s lips as Josh paced back and forth across the living room. Even several days after Danny’s run in with the bull, Josh still managed to have a daily fit over Mitch losing track of the twins.

“I mean, how hard is it to watch two little kids? How stupid could Mitch be? What if he’d been a few seconds later.”

“Maybe nothing would have happened, we don’t know for sure.” Trent said.

Josh turned and stared in disbelief before going off again. “Are you kidding me? It was a full grown rodeo bull! It would have killed Danny if Mitch hadn’t rescued him.”

“You may be right. But the worst didn’t happen. Everyone’s okay. I think Mitch understands how watchful you have to be with the twins. They’re always getting into one thing or another.”

The fight bled from Josh and he collapsed into the living room chair. “I know. But if something happens to one of the kids it would kill me.”

Trent sat on the arm of the chair, then leaned down and kissed Josh softly. “I know. It would kill me too. They’ll be fine. They have lots of people looking out for them.”

Suddenly the screen door popped open and almost instantly slammed shut with a loud bang. Both men turned in time to see Danny running as fast as he could go and skiding into the living room.

“Sammy turtled the swats and now she’s baulin’.”

Trent stared at the little boy for a minute, trying to decipher two-year-old code.

“Com’on, swats chased me too. But I got away.” Danny turned and ran out of the room, the two men running to keep up. They rounded the house and found themselves running to the pond where Josh kept a few ducks, and a pair of swans. Trent accelerated, having figured out at least part of what happened. He topped the rise first to find exactly what he’d expected, an angry swan hovering over a child that was crying and holding her arm.

Sammy turned, saw Trent and screamed. “Daddy! The swan hit me!”

Trent ran at the swan, who rose up, wings flapping. He hesitated for a second to figure out what to do and Josh ran past him, broom in hand. Trusting that Josh would keep the swan at bay, Trent scooped up Sammy and ran toward the house. She tucked her head against his chest and cried softly.

They rushed back into the kitchen. Trent sat Sammy on the counter and wet a cloth to clean her. She held her arm tight against her body and anything Trent did to disturb it sent her into a fresh set of tears. He turned to Josh who’d been hovering beside him, with Danny in his arms.

“We’re going back to the ER. I’m afraid her arm’s broken.”

Josh nodded, grabbed his keys and headed for the door with Danny on one hip.

A short time later the family found themselves in a cubical in the ER, waiting for the results of the X-ray. The doctor came in and brought up Sammy’s X-ray’s on the screen. He turned to Trent and Josh. “Looks like this young lady has a simple fracture. We’ll put it in a cast for a few weeks and she should heal just fine.” He paused for a minute and looked at the small crowd. “I’m guessing a waterproof cast would be best.”

“Yes, that would be great. Is she going to be okay otherwise?”

“Yes, she’s fine. But I talked to her and I’m a little confused about how she broke it. Something about turtles and swans?”

Trent ran his hand over his face and let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. He turned to face the doctor. “As near as we can tell from her brother, they were playing Ninja Turtles and the swans were the bad guys. Apparently the swans didn’t like being the bad guys.”

Danny pipped up from Josh’s lap. “Sissy was Nardo ‘cause she had da sword. But the swat whacked her.”

“And Nardo is?” the doctor asked.

“Leonardo. Apparently he’s the turtle with the sword.”

The doctor chuckled and turned to Sammy. “So, young lady, what color cast would you like?”

“Purple. I like purple.”

Josh grinned at Trent. “It figures.”


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