Double Trouble: Chapter 2

Wednesday Briefs

Week two of the fourth “book” in the Wrangler Butts series. A set of twins, two dads and two grandfathers. What could go wrong?

I hope you enjoy Double Trouble!

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Chapter 2

Mitch paced the ER. He’d brought Danny as soon as he could get both kids into the pickup. They’d already X-rayed him to check for broken bones. Sammy was getting impatient and so was Mitch.

They’d been sitting in the room for what seemed like hours to Mitch, and now they had Danny in X-ray to make certain everything was okay. The doctor didn’t seem to be worried, but anytime you step foot in the ER, Mitch knew they were going to check everything in an effort to cover their butts. He could hear Danny arguing with the technician. There was sure no question who was Danny’s dad. Trent had to be the stubbornest person he’d ever met, and the fact that he was rubbing off on Josh didn’t make it better. Those two didn’t seem to think Mitch had a lick of common sense when it came to their kids.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t going to help.

The door opened and Danny was sitting up on the gurney with a sucker in his mouth, and looking pissed off at the world. Oh yeah, definitely Trent’s son. Same expression.

“Hey Danny. How do you feel.”

“I not happy, Pawpaw! They stuck me through a tube. I didn’t like it.”

Mitch looked at the tech. “Tube?”

“We did a head scan just to check. Routine for any kind of potential head injury. We’ll take you back to ER and the doctor will have your results in about thirty minutes.”

Mitch looked from the very unhappy child sitting on the gurney to the scared little girl who had his pants leg in a death grip and was back to sucking her thumb. He breathed out a sigh. It could be worse.

“Mitch! Hey! Mitch!”

Sure enough. It got worse.

“Danny’s fine. I brought him in to make sure there wasn’t any problem. He was more worried about his new boots than anything else.”

“Fucked up my new boots.” Danny muttered.

“Danny, you shouldn’t talk like that.” Darrin said.

“Why? Pawpaw says it.”

Darrin glared at Mitch before turning back to the child. “Pawpaw shouldn’t say it either.” He fixed Mitch in his stare. “Should you Pawpaw?”

Mitch rolled his eyes at Darrin before turning to Danny. “No, Pawpaw shouldn’t be saying bad words either.”

Danny crossed his arms over his chest and stuck out his lip. “This sucks.”

Mitch bit down a snicker, knowing it would just piss Darrin off even more. About the time he thought everything had settled down, two more familiar voices joined the fray.


He turned to see Trent stop beside him while Josh rushed in to check on both kids. Sammy was willing to let one of her dads carry her around now that Danny seemed to be calming down. Trent leaned in close to Mitch and whispered. “The hubby is pissed. You’re about to get the riot act, old man.”

Mitch glanced at Trent and cocked one eyebrow. “I can work your ass until you drop, you little punk.”

Mitch started to tear into Trent when Josh turned on him. “Why weren’t you watching him? What happened?”

“They were fine, just playing in the sandbox. Then the next thing I knew Danny had crawled into the pen with the bulls.”

Trent lifted Danny from the table and held him. Danny wrapped his arms around Trent’s neck and held on tight. He turned his head toward Trent’s ear and in what he must have thought was a quiet voice said, “I’s ‘bout got fucked up, Daddy.”

Trent smirked but waved everyone else to silence. “It’s okay, Danny. Just promise me that you’ll never get in the bulls pen again.”

He wrapped his little arms in a desperate hug. He nodded as tears began to roll down his face. He saw that everyone was watching him and buried his face against Trent’s neck. Trent looked up in time to see the doctor come into the now crowded room.

The doctor looked around the room and frowned. “We need to clear this room. Everyone who’s not immediate family please move to the waiting room.”

Josh glanced around the room and then back. “It is only immediate family. Fathers and grandfathers.”

The doctor nodded with barely a batted eye, and then talked to Trent. “The little guy is lucky. It seems he got off with only some minor scrapes and bruises.”

The room let out a collective sigh of relief. Trent nodded at the physician. “Thanks, Doc. We’re all relieved.”

The doctor wiggled Danny’s boot. “Well you stay out of the pens. We don’t want you to get hurt.”

Sammy turned from her perch on Josh’s hip and scowled at the doctor. “He messes with my brother any more and I’ll shoot the mutherfuckr!”

Trent smiled weakly at the doctor. “We don’t get to town too often.”


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