Double Trouble: Chapter 1

Wednesday Briefs

New flash! As promised, this week begins a whole new series. For those who’s read the Wrangler Butt/Maverick Cattle Company/Growing Josh series, you’ll be back on familiar ground. If you haven’t read the originals, this series features twins and the trials and challenges as two dads and two granddads work at raising two very precocious kids. So, Sammy is actually Samantha…and I’m sure she will add some spice to the mix.

I hope you enjoy the first chapter of Double Trouble!


Chapter 1

Mitch was sitting by the open window enjoying the late cool October breeze that was a sign the heat of summer had finally ended. He was sitting for the twins today while Josh and Trent made a trip to Lawton for a major restocking of the pantries for both houses, and enjoy a few hours to themselves. Darrin was at work doing whatever it was tenured professors did to make administrators happy. That meant Mitch could sit down for a few quiet minutes to read through one of the ranch magazines he’d gotten almost three weeks ago.

He flipped through the pages, and soon lost track of time as he read one article and then the next. He was midway through yet another article and realized—he hadn’t heard a peep from the twins in too long. He levered himself from the overstuffed chair he’d been relaxing in and tried to remember where the Sammy and Danny had been. He looked out the window at their sandbox, that once was Darrin’s herb garden. It was filled with their John Deere tractors with a mix of action figures and dolls, but the twins were nowhere to be seen.

He raced out the door, not bothering to pull on his boots and immediately regretting it when the gravel of their driveway stabbed about the soft soles of his feet. “Danny! Sammy! Where are you!”

He heard faintly from the corral. “Pawpaw, I didn’t do it!”

“Shit!” he muttered under his breath as he raced to find the corral. He rounded the corner and the sight in front of him made his blood run cold. They had found their way to one of the handling pens. Today was an especially bad day for them to become explorers since yesterday Mitch had brought the bulls from their rodeo stock to the corral for a potential buyer who was stopping by today.

Only, now Danny had crawled between the cables of the corral fence and was walking across the powdered dust that made up the arena. It would have been cute with Danny in tiny Wranglers, boots and a black cowboy hat swinging his lariat over his head. But the twenty-five hundred pounds of Santa Gertrudis with an attitude took away all the fun.

Mitch slid to a stop beside Sammy for a second. “Sammy. Don’t move!” He scrambled over the fence in time to see the bull send up a plume of dust.

Shit, shit, shit. Gotta get the kid outta here!

Mitch was half way to Danny when the bull charged the toddler. Mitch’s heart sunk as the bull hit Danny and sent him flying. The bull backed up and toss another spire of powered dirt and shit into the air.

This time Mitch ran at the bull. The bull twisted his head toward Mitch and snorted. Mitch covered the last few feet and kicked the bull in the sensitive nose just before he started another charge. The bull snorted again, this time with surprise and not aggression, and backed up.

“Go on! Get outta here!”

The mahogany colored animal took a step back and then turned and ran back with the other bulls. Mitch gave the bull a split second of consideration then sprinted to Danny.

The toddler was sitting up and tears streamed down his dirt covered face. Mitch grabbed him and shot through a pass-through in the fence. Once they’d cleared the corral, he sat beside Sammy and rocked a bawling Danny in his arms. Sammy patted her brother gently on the arm. “It’s okay, Danny. It’s okay.”

When Danny’s tears finally seemed to slow, Mitch released him from the tight grip and quickly checked him for injuries. “You okay, Danny? Does anything hurt?”

Danny ground his grubby little fists in his eyes and smeared his face with the mud that resulted. He sat without talking for long enough that Mitch was concerned.

“I didn’t do muffin, pawpaw. Did I?” Sammy asked.

“No, Sammy. You’re fine. We need to see if Danny’s okay though. All right?”

Sammy nodded, seeming satisfied at the answer. Mitch turned back to Danny and asked again. “Danny? Baby? You okay?”

Danny looked at him again as tears welled in his eyes. “Not a baby! Da damn bull fucked up my new boots!”

Mitch froze for a moment, then started laughing.


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3 thoughts on “Double Trouble: Chapter 1

  1. Oh yea this looks like it going to be great read. Great work Jon Gil PS Got to get on Tumblr more often I found another novella you published (Heart of the Pines) went right to Amazon and put it on my Kindle. Like you work

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