Controller: Chapter 29

Wednesday Briefs

Another week, another flash!

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Chapter 29

Eli glared at Jamie as he stood in front of the door. He’d never forgiven Jamie for the stunt he and Michael pulled when I almost screwed up and had sex with them. Eli’s face twisted as he pulled the robe he’d grabbed tight around him and glared at Jamie.

“What do you want?”

As I laid my hand on Eli’s shoulder, Jamie burst into tears. “It’s Michael. I don’t know what to do.”

I could feel Eli tense under my hand. He hated Michael even more than Jamie. Jamie had been relegated to the list of people Eli thought were stupid. Michael…Eli had no use for him.

I leaned close to Eli’s ear. “Michael did save our asses that time.”

Eli’s glare turned to me. “Fine! We’ll see what’s going on.”

Jamie nodded rapidly. “Yes, please. Hurry. I don’t know what to do.”

I was getting confused. What had Jamie so worked up. It seemed like he either didn’t want to tell us, or he couldn’t imagine how we couldn’t know. Either way, we didn’t know what we were rushing into.

Jamie rushed back down the hall. I followed with Eli right behind me. Jamie yanked open the door to his apartment and rushed to the room he and Michael shared. “He’s in there. And won’t come out. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m afraid.”

Eli frowned and walked to the bathroom door. “Michael! Get your shit out here! You’re freakin’ out Jamie. Be decent for once.”

They waited for a moment, leaning in to see if they could hear an movement. Eli rolled his eyes and started pounding on the door. “God dammit, Michael! Opening the fucking door!”

I took Jamie’s arm and pulled him away while Eli started to take his frustrations out on the bathroom door. “Jamie, how long has he been in there? What’s going on? I don’t think you’re telling us everything.”

Tears started rolling down Jamie’s face again. “He’s been in there for an hour at least. I thought it was just taking a bath to chill out, but then he was in there a long time and when I went to check on him, he wouldn’t answer.”

A booming sound filled the room as Eli started losing his shit and kicking the door between pounding it with his fists. “You inconsiderate arrogant son of a bitch! Open this fucking door!”

I was getting worried. Eli was making enough noise that other people on the floor were sticking their head in to see what was going on. I turned back to Jamie. “What is it? What aren’t you telling us?”

Jamie was becoming more hysterical with each second that ticked by without a response from Michael. “I don’t know! I swear! He got something in the mail today and went apeshit. I swear I don’t know what’s wrong. He just sat and ate dots and freaked.”

“Where’s his mail?

Jamie handed it to me with shaking hands. I flipped through the small pile until I found one from the university health center. I pulled out the sheet it contained and scanned down the page.


“What?” Jamie asked.

“What was he eating? Show me!”

Jamie pointed to the dresser. “Dots. It’s just candy.”

I grabbed the sheet and stared at it for a moment before throwing it back on the dresser. “Fuck! God damnit!”

My heart was pounding, we might already be too late. Eli was still pounding at the door, but I didn’t think he and I could bust it down. I looked at the crowd now at the door and spotted one of the neighbors. “Jeff! Get Jorge. We need that door open, yesterday!”

The football lineman grabbed his teammate and the two of them rushed the door. Their first impact shuddered the wall and there were pops and cracks from the wooden frame. Their next charge popped the door open, leaving it hanging from a single hinge. Eli looked inside and began gagging.

Jamie began screaming as I yelled. “Call 911! Someone get Jamie out of here!”


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