Controller: Chapter 27

Wednesday Briefs

Another week, another flash! This week was a little longer than a thousand words. Apparently I can’t write a short sex scene. 🙂

I hope you enjoy it. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 27

We avoided the GSA office now for the most part. The university had cleaned up the room since it was a biohazard, but afterward we always left the office with the scent of industrial cleaners in our noses. There was almost nothing left anyway, so there was little reason for them to go back again. Let the next set of officers deal with the office, without having walked in on it after the vandalism. The university couldn’t put enough layers of paint and paster on the walls to erase it from our minds.

Eli seemed more withdrawn now, he smiled a lot less. But I’d been cooking up a plan that should perk up my hot lover. He’d came home exhausted again and was trying to work through the pages of his textbook. I’d glanced up a couple of times, and decided it was time to try my idea. I eased into the bedroom and stripped. The chill of the room had my nipples diamond hard and my dick shriveled. I looked down at my crotch and shook my head. “I hope you plan on waking up in a few minutes.”

I slipped the nylon cock ring around my nuts and dick. Actually, I liked the way it looks, and the way it feels. My balls bulging in front of my crotch was a great look. I pulled a deep red designer jockstrap that I’d picked, red was Eli’s favorite color, and it looked good on me too. I checked myself in the mirror, hoping I didn’t make everything worse. I turned on some music, and went to retrieve Eli.

I slid behind him and started rubbing his shoulders, working my fingers into the tense muscles. He reached back and swatted at me without looking. “Stop it. I’ve got to study.”

I leaned down and blew softly across his ear. “You sure you can’t take a break?”

Eli spun in the chair, ready to blast me for bugging him, and froze. “What’re you doing?”

I pushed Eli’s chair back from the table and straddled his lap. “Trying to find happy Eli again. I think he might have taken a vacation to Australia to enjoy the beach and watch all the hot Aussie boys.”

A small smirk peeked from Eli’s face. “Happy Eli would need another job to pay for that trip. And neither Eli likes to fly.”

I started grinding onto his lap, slipped his shirt upward and teased my finger through his happy trail. I curled myself down and whispered to Eli. “I thought maybe you’d like to…do it.”

Eli started and then frowned at me. “Just to distract me? It’s kind of a big deal.”

I smiled, comfortable in my decision. “I’m ready. We’ve been together for months.”

“It’s probably going to be a little…uncomfortable. At least the first time.”

I could feel my face heat up. “I. Well. Umm.”

This time Eli’s smile was genuine and covered his face. “Did you get yourself a training dick?”

I laughed at Eli. Only he would call it that. I looked at him, determined to not let him get me flustered tonight. I ran my hands higher until I pulled the shirt over his head. Leaning down I kissed him softly and flicked my fingers across his nipples. “Come to bed with me and I’ll let you see what kind of play toys I might have got for us.”

Eli’s hands slid up and down my thighs and my cock hardened as it did. Eli looked at me and grinned. “That sounds like a good idea to me.”

I slipped off Eli’s lap, grabbed his hand and pulled him up into a kiss. Our tongue fought for a moment before we broke apart, both gasping for air. When we stepped into the dimly lit room, Eli paused to look around. I’d lit a few candles before and layer out everything I thought we might need.

Eli pulled me tight against him and kissed me hard. Then he slid his hands over my almost bare ass, one finger slipping into my crack and teased my hole. I moaned softly and arched my back toward his hand. Eli’s other hand slid down my torso and squeezed my package. His eye twinkled as he looked at me. “Cock ring too? You’re pulling out all the stops tonight.”

Eli pushed me onto the bed and stood staring at me as he stripped. His hard cock proceeded him as he crawled to me. He lay on top of me and ground his dripping dick against my crotch. My own hard cock stiffened even further as we ground against each other. Eli fastened his teeth on my neck and bit down. The delicious pain shot through my body and this time my moan was much louder. The next minutes were spent in delicious exploration of each other’s bodies.

Eli slid lower, licking my nipples. My head swam and the next thing I knew, Eli’s hot breath was against my throbbing cock. He chewed and licked through the thin fabric until it was soaked and every swollen vein on my cock was clearly seen.

Eli grabbed the lube I’d put out, then looked around. “Condom? Where are the condoms?”

I froze for a second in disbelief. “I forgot them. Come on, Eli. We’re both fine. Fuck me already.”

Eli hesitated for a moment, I lurched upward and grabbed his hard dick and squeezed it. “Please!”

A small gasp escaped Eli and his eyes glazed over. In seconds he had us both coated in lube and his cock pressing inward. I gritted my teeth and tried to relax, I had been using a dildo to stretch myself, but I was glad Eli was no bigger as the searing burn raced through me when Eli breeched the inner gateway.

He hit bottom and I dug my heels into the back of his legs. “Wait. Give me a minute…”

Eli looked startled and started to pull out.

“No! Don’t pull out. Just give me a minute. You’re bigger than I realized.”

Eli smirked, and paused. I could feel him trembling against me as the sting of his entry lessened. A few minutes passed and I relaxed against the bed.

“I’m ready. Do it.”

Eli started out slowly, but I knew neither of us would last long. The friction of Eli’s strokes were making my cock jump and drool, but then he hit something inside me and it felt like lightning was crawling over my body. “


Eli’s next thrust hit it again, and I couldn’t hold out. My cock jerked inside the jock and my first volley drenched the already soaked pouch. Each subsequent spasm filled it further until it was soaked. I collapsed in the haze of euphoria as Eli pounded my ass.

The smaller man was sweating and moaning as he drove his wood into me again and again. I slid my fingernails over his nipples, he let out a gurgling moan and slammed inside me. He trembled and shook, his eyes rolled out of sight. I ran my hands over him as he convulsed again and again before collapsing on top of me, his breathing coming in gasps.

I trailed my fingers over his back, enjoying the shared moment. A few minutes later Eli slipped out of me and I could feel the slick deposit running down my crack. Eli pressed his lips to my cheek and kissed me softly.

“I love you,” he said.


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