Controller: Chapter 26

Wednesday Briefs

Another week, another flash! I hope you enjoy it. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 26

Eli woke me up when he answered his phone when it rang at 3AM. “Yes, officer. I can meet you there. It’ll take me about ten minutes to dress and get across to the office.”

He paused for a few moments to listen, then nodded his head. “Yes, sir. We’ll be there as quick as possible.” He ended the call before shaking my shoulder. “The GSA office has been vandalized.”

“What do you mean the office has been vandalized?” I asked still trying to wake up.

Eli frowned at me. “What part don’t you understand? The vandal or the ism? Did you want to know the source of the word? See, there were these Germanic tribes—“

“Fuckhead. If I want any of your lip, I’ll scrape it off my zipper,” I retorted, not sure what was going on or why Eli was joking around.

Eli started trying to find his underwear in the piles of clothes on the floor. I watched for a minute before I asked. “Did you want me to go with you?”

Eli stopped and shot me a fierce scowl. “You can’t possibly be that stupid that you need me to answer.”

I rolled out of bed and grabbed my jeans. I knew there was no use trying to find underwear. Mainly because I hadn’t been wearing any. I carefully tucked myself back in and zipped them closed. I snagged a shirt and pulled it on. It was so tight it was obviously Eli’s, but by that time all I had time to do was slip my feet into a pair of flip-flops and race after him.

I caught up with him a few steps outside the dorm. “Hang on, Eli! Give me a sec.”

He paused and turned to me. “Come on. They said it was wrecked.”

I nodded and pushed Eli ahead of me and we began to run toward the GSA office. As we rounded the last building, we could see a couple of police cars sitting quietly in front of the building. We slowed to a walk as we got closer. One of the cops spotted us and walked our direction.

He held out his hand. “I’m Officer Perez. You Eli Collins?”

“Yes, sir. This is my boyfriend Nathan. He’s also an officer in the group so I asked him to come.”

“Of course. No problem.” He turned and walked toward the building. “The alarm sounded about 20 minutes ago and the first officers arrived about five minutes later and the building was empty.” He stopped and looked at both of us. “They did a lot of damage considering how long they were in there.”

I nodded and glanced over at Eli. He looked a little sick to the stomach. I had to agree, after setting our door on fire, I’d hoped that was the last of it. Apparently they weren’t finished, or there are a lot more people on campus who were bigoted than I ever realized.

We stepped in behind the officer, realizing I wasn’t sure why we’d gotten the call instead of Jamie, he was president of the thing. But this didn’t seem like a great time to start asking those kind of questions. We rounded the corner and my stomach roiled. Spray painted across the door was “Faggots burn in hell!” I looked to see how Eli was dealing with it. His jaw was clenched and I could see the muscled bulge as he ground his teeth.

“Pleasant people…” Eli said.

“We’ll be reporting this as a hate crime. There may be some federal people who will need to talk to you later.”

Eli nodded, never taking his eyes from the spray painted words. Then he turned to the cop. “Can we go inside?”

“Just inside the door, I don’t think you’ll want to go in any further though.”

Eli nodded and we stepped inside. The office was totaled. Pride banners of all kinds were torn and thrown on the floor, papers tossed around, drawers strewn around the room, anything they could destroy, they had. Then I realized a foul acrid odor was like a haze in the room. I covered my face against the stench.

“What is that smell?”

The officers mouth twitched as his scowl deepened. “We aren’t sure yet, but—“

Eli interrupted. “They pissed on everything…”

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