Controller: Chapter 21

Wednesday Briefs

Another week, another flash! I hope you enjoy it. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 21

Eli breathed softly, one hairy leg sticking from under the sheet as he slept. His dark hair went every direction. He never laid still for more than a few minutes before changing directions and his rumbled hair showed it. His mop couldn’t have gone more directions if he’d been standing in a tornado. I loved his sexy morning scruff, unlike my face baby butt smooth face.

Eli wasn’t subtle about anything. His huge rainbow flag dominated most of one wall while a couple of smaller bisexual pride flags guarded either side. One thing you had to give Eli, he was out. Even if most people were clueless about what the bi flags meant. Even though we lived in the best student housing, the room still had about as much charm as a prison cell, with windows that couldn’t be opened and plain white walls. Like everyone else, Eli covered the walls to make the room his.

I stopped the scenic tour I’d enjoyed several times before, and opened my computer. In the cool November morning I tugged a blanket around me and worked through my routine. E-mail and Facebook were taken care of pretty quickly. I checked the other web pages I frequented and then moved to the sites I’d just as soon Eli didn’t know I visited. I mean, I know everyone knows guys jerk off, but I didn’t want to hurt Eli. Finding me trolling for porn might make him feel bad. Or he might think it was hot.

I froze when Eli sighed and rolled to his stomach. The sight of Eli’s cute bare butt framed against the white sheet was sexy as hell. I had a lot of guilt about Eli sometimes. My emotions were still mixed about him, and Jamie. They were so different and each guy had their own issues. Eli was adorable, and such a crusader for everything, where Jamie had the whole dark and handsome thing going, and he was with Michael. I wished my feelings weren’t so mixed.

My hand slid into the front of my underwear and I played with my cock as I viewed some of my favorite websites. I was hard and leaking in an instant. Between the view of Eli’s hot ass and the sex happening on the screen in front of me, my climax was close. I stopped touching myself, not ready to finish. I found a hot scene with a bigger guy screwing the hell out of a small guy with a hairy butt. The expression on the bottoms face was pure ecstasy. The scene could have been Eli and I, well other than the fact neither of us had brought up the subject of anal sex.

I lost myself in the computer scene and my own pleasure, careful to keep the action where Eli wouldn’t catch me. After a couple of minutes, something kept nagging at the edge of my senses. Suddenly, the fire alarms sounded. I snapped my computer shut and tossed it into a chair as I ran to get Eli. He could sleep through anything.

“Eli! Get up and get some pants on. That’s the fire alarm!”

Eli woke that time and yanked a pair of bright red sleeping pants over his narrow hips. Reassured Eli was moving, I ran to the living room and yanked open the door—to a wall of orange flames.


I jumped back, slamming the door as I rushed to Eli. I hauled him into the living room about the time the whoosh of fire extinguishers filled the room and bits of foam began shooting under the door. We moved away. What the hell happened? My mind created a scene of chaos in the hallway. Minute crawled past in an unending trail until I heard.

“Okay, you should be able to open the door. Check and make sure your side isn’t hot.”

I tapped the metal knob a few times. Warm, nothing more. I opened the entrance to a hallway crowded with campus police and fire department, as well as most of the other people on our floor. Stunned, I asked the closest cop. “What happened?”

“We think someone squirted your door with lighter fluid and lit it.”

“Why would someone do that?”

Eli walked beside me and he tugged at my arm. “Nate…”

For the first time I paid attention to the partially blackened door—and the word spray-painted across the face.


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