Controller: Chapter 18

Wednesday BriefsAnother week, another flash! I hope you enjoy it, this chapter is pretty short. This is the chapter some of you have been waiting for. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 18

“Have you ever played this game?”

I grinned at Eli. We were together a lot now, and I still hadn’t worked out all my emotions over us. But I knew Eli was becoming my best friend. Beyond that, my feelings about our relationship were convoluted. But one things certain, sex with someone else was a huge improvement over jacking off in bed alone, even if we hadn’t gotten any further than mutual hand jobs and oral sex.

“Hey, earth to Nate.”

I shook myself from spacing out and bumped against Eli playfully. “I’m here. And no. I haven’t played before. This game supposed to be the scariest game in the last year.”

Eli dumped a bag of chips into a bowl as we got snacks ready for the evening. “Well when I’m sleeping in your shorts tonight, you’ll know I didn’t deal well with the game you picked.”

I grabbed us both some pop, I’d had enough of a hangover from the one night of beer, and settled on the bed, controller in hand. “Come on, get your little butt over here.”

Eli settled on the bed with a bowl in each hand. One full of chips and the other some kind of sugar coated popcorn. With the food settled around them on the floor and bed, I jumped up again and flipped off the light. With only the light from the the screen, I turned on the game.

“Holy fucking shit!” screamed Eli as he back peddled up the bed.

I laughed and hid my character under the virtual bed before turning back to Eli. “The mental patients getting to you?”

“Damn! Why didn’t that scare the shit out of you?”

“It is scary, I guess it just doesn’t get to me the way it does you.”

The lights came on and bright light flooded the room. “Oh shit, I need a minute to recover. We’re out of food anyway.”

I chuckled at Eli as he started rummaging through my tiny fridge. “There’s some grapes in a container, if you want something beside stoner food.”

Eli grinned and flipped me off. “Fuck you, Nate. This is pure gamer food, not stoner chow.”

“Yeah, like there’s a difference. Hurry up. I’m ready to see what happens next.”

Eli grabbed the grapes and a two-liter bottle of something green and full of sugar and caffein. He flipped the light off and  jumped into bed with me. We were involved with the game when loud voices came from the living room. It sounded like Jamie and Michael.

“Michael, you’re drunk again. Let’s get some sleep.”

“I’m horny as hell. Come on and give me a little.”

“No! Not again. I’m tired of this one sided relationship. You can’t keep taking and never giving.” The response was the sound of things breaking and loud curses. Then the hallway door banged into the wall followed by a slam that shook the walls.

“Fuck you, Jamie. I can find some ass if you’re too good to put out.” The door slammed and silence filled the space around us.

After a few minutes, Eli sighed. “Well, Fuck! So much for fright night. Let’s check on him.”

“Really? You’d be okay with that?” I asked at a whisper.

The soft sound of sobbing drifted to us through the door. I could feel Eli tense against me, and then slump.

“Come on. We can’t leave him out there by himself. He’s actually a nice guy, even if he is far too good looking for his own good.”

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