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Thanks for having me today, Jon!

This is Rob Colton and I’m here to share an excerpt from my brand new paranormal novella, An American Lamb in Europe.

The book was released Wednesday, February 12th , and is available from Dreamspinner Press, and all your favorite online book stores. Dreamspinner is having a Valentine’s Day sale. Buy direct and save 25% off from today until February 19!

In this excerpt, Jamie once again runs into his mysterious “hero.” He takes the opportunity to ask about his brother. While he finally seems to be making some headway on his search, he also gets the first inkling that something may be… different… about Tomas.


Jamie Anderson knows you need to look before you leap, but he forgets it often enough to land in trouble. When his brother and only remaining family member disappears, he doesn’t think twice about quitting his job as a dental hygienist to travel to the Czech Republic to search for him.

Rescued by the sexy, mysterious Tomas in a small city near the German border, Jamie enlists his help in locating Rudy. Soon Jamie realizes the man knows more than he’s sharing. When Jamie demands Tomas tell him the truth, Tomas reveals he’s a vampire. Horrified the man he’s fantasized about is a monster, Jamie struggles with the fact he still needs Tomas’s help to find Rudy.

Jamie never expects their search will land him in the middle of a vampire turf war.


“I’m trying to find my brother. He’s missing. Please.”

I held up the picture and showed it to him, holding it toward the overhead light bulb. Stepping back to get a better look, he studied it for a moment and then looked up at me. There was something in his eyes. Recognition?

“You know him?” I asked. My heart started to race. “You do.”

After a moment, he finally answered. “I have seen him, yes.”

I let out a breath of relief. Was I finally getting somewhere? Maybe this trip wasn’t a huge waste of time after all. It felt like a weight had been removed from my shoulders, and I couldn’t help but grab onto the first glimmer of hope since I had arrived here.

“You knew him. You knew Rudy.”

He looked at me for a moment, then added, “No, but he used to come here regularly. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen him, I suppose. I didn’t know him… personally.”

The way he said that made me pause. What the heck was he trying to say? He didn’t know him “personally,” like they never had sex? Of course not, Rudy was straight. He was open-minded and had no problems with gay people obviously, but he wasn’t gay.

Oh, wait…. Was the big Tom Hardy skinhead gay, then? Oh. My. Wow.

Wait a minute. I wasn’t there to get laid, but damn… no, no, no. I was there to find out about Rudy. I ignored the hardening in my jeans and tried to concentrate on the task at hand.

If Mr. Big-Bald-and-Sexy didn’t know him that well, then maybe someone at the club would. If he frequented this place, then someone had to know him. I knew I would just face more rejection if I went at it alone; I would need his help.

“Maybe if we asked the regulars or the employees. You could translate for me—”

“No. You should not be here. I will ask for you.”

I really wanted to be part of this, but I felt such relief someone was actually going to help me I wanted to cry. It was like divine intervention the way he kept showing up. I grabbed his hand with both of mine, shook it.

“Thank you so much. The police said he was dead, but I know he’s not. I just know it.”

He looked down at my hand, then back up at me. “Are you not afraid of me?”

“Should I be?”

He stepped closer and pierced me with those icy blues. “Yes.” The chill in his voice ran down my spine. If he was trying to scare me, he succeeded. I jerked my hand away from his and stumbled back a step, bumping into the brick wall.

His mouth curled up into a smile, and a glint of light reflected off his teeth. Because I was obviously crazy with stupidity, I couldn’t help but take a professional inventory of his mouth. His teeth were remarkably white, nearly perfect. His number twenty-two lower mandibular cuspid was slightly out of alignment, which was easily correctable. More troubling were his number six and eleven upper cuspids—Oh holy shit! Where his two upper canine teeth should have been, he had a pair of razor-sharp fangs.

My back was already against the wall, but I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t move. My eyes widened as he leaned in and rubbed his nose and beard stubble against my neck. I felt the scrape of his teeth followed by the slick wetness of his tongue. I let out a quiet whimper. He let out a soft puff of air, like a snort, then stepped back after giving me one final lick.

I blinked and did a double take at his mouth. His teeth were normal. Perfectly normal maxillary cuspids on both the left and the right. I must have imagined the fangs. Please God, let it have been my imagination.


Author Bio:

Rob Colton is a software developer by day, and avid reader of romance novels at night. A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings.

Rob grew up in northern Michigan and currently lives in the Atlanta area with his very supportive husband and their very spoiled miniature schnauzer.

Visit Rob online:

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