Sandbox: Creation

I wrote this story last fall but throught it would be good to share for Valintine’s Day. It’s a flash piece, bt I thought it was particularly successful. Anyway, enjoy the day, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the short.

Max hit the final key and studied the line of code. He’d been working on this for most of his life, since his parents, so proud of their precocious baby, had given him his first computer. The term genius had been used a lot around Max, but he’d always had one goal, and he was so close to attaining it now.

The code implemented, flying by too fast for even Max to decipher. The minutes passed as he considered the worktable with its myriad of apparatus. A dark thickening then began to take shape. He pushed his glasses back up his nose, the perspiration of his nervous anticipation forming droplets on his skin. The latticework grew, the dark molecules of carbon gathered by the millions to form the object of Max’s desire. Unconsciously, he reached down and squeezed his crotch.

Time stopped as the shape on his worktable took form. It was obviously a human form now, a fully intact male. Max’s tongue glided over his lips as the details began to grow. The slight dimples of his cheeks, the deep red hair forming from his scalp in ringlets, the prominent Adam’s apple protruding from his throat, all in perfect proportions. The dark red nipples grew from the corners of his smooth muscular chest. Max’s pulse quickened as the final strands of ginger pubic hair settled into place and a thin red trail came from his navel to the fan of hair surrounding his uncut cock.

Max chewed on his bottom lip, his body tense as the elements were revealed under his watchful eyes. One last element, one seemingly insignificant detail, Max had struggled with for the last years. The eyes. He knew what he wanted, but had been unable to adjust his programming to get the results he envisioned. It was such a simple thing, but had proven elusive. He hoped this time he’d got the programming correct. The chest began to rise and fall in a simulation of breathing; the computer model adjusted for bodily rhythms. The eyes fluttered, and opened.

“Good Lord.”

The creation smiled at him. “Did you succeed this time?”

“Yes, you’re perfection.”  Max licked his lips again as the form rose and swung his legs over the table edge. He blinked, and Max met the deep amber eyes.

“What’s your name?”

“Didn’t you choose one?”

Max smiled. “I prefer you decide.”

“Lance then, it seems fitting.”

Lance pushed off the table, and landed gracefully on the floor. He moved until they were millimeters apart, and then whispered. “Are you happy this time?”

“Oh yes, God, you’re so sexy.”

“Then I should proceed?”

Max’s brow furrowed. “Proceed?”

Lance ran his hand over the front of Max’s tented pants and squeezed. “Yes, proceed. Fulfill my programmed directive.”

The touch ignited a flame in Max he’d never experienced and his knees went weak. As his body slowly crumpled, hands caught him and sparks of desperate need shot through Max’s body from each point of contact. Lance lifted him in his arms and carried Max to a small sleeping room, almost as if he’d lived here for years.

Max soon found himself stripped and sprawled across the bed, open to Lance. The kiss they exchanged was the first of Max’s virginities to be lost. The delicious flush of building ardor filled Max as Lance gently nibbled around his ear. The porcelain skinned beauty moved lower, nursing on each of Max’s nipples until they were hard brown nubs. Running his tongue over Max’s hairless chest, Lance was soon moving across Max’s belly, the slight softness giving way under his touch.

The warm caress between his legs caused Max to jump and let out a low moan as his balls were fondled and tugged. His cock was rock-hard and the head shiny red with need. Lance’s tongue dug into the underside, and Max almost erupted. He pulled back and, with a lithe movement, straddled Max and took him deep inside.

“Oh hell…”

Max lost himself in the sensations as Lance wrapped around his cock like a tight glove. Slick and tight, a slight adjustment in the programming had taken care of the need for lubricant. The technical success lost all importance to Max as Lance crouched over him and began riding his cock. The delicious sensations soon had Max driving for the edge.

Lance ground against Max, his hips gyrating and sending him into orgasm. Max grabbed Lance’s muscular thighs and began to shoot volley after volley of his essence deep inside. He was lost in the release as if Lance was somehow sucking him dry.

Max would never know how much time passed before he again was aware of his surroundings. Lance had slid over him, his heat pleasant and comforting to Max. He let his hands slide over his hips, and pushed a finger inside Lance, to find nothing. Max’s brow lifted. “Where did it go?”

“Oh, I absorbed it. I can make something similar if you’d like.”

Max lowered himself and looked into Lance’s beautiful amber eyes, still uncertain why he’d been so drawn to that artificial color. With a pang of regret, Max kissed Lance. “I guess we’ll need to put you back. The program won’t last much longer.”

Lance smiled and pushed Max’s sweat drenched hair from his eyes. “No, we have time.”

“Why?” Max asked, becoming concerned.

“Eye color is linked to so many things. Creation is such a complex activity.”

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