Controller: Chapter 17

Wednesday BriefsAnother week, another flash! This is the chapter some of you have been waiting for. Be sure and check out the other authors listed at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 17

The door was locked and my lights off. I huddled on the bed wrapped in a thick blanket. I’d showered twice, and still felt like I couldn’t get clean. I’d never experienced anything like this. My naiveté had been ripped away, and the mental anguish had been much worse than I’d expected.

There was a soft knock at the door. Just leave me alone. Can’t they get that?

“Nate. It’s Eli. Let me in. I need to know you’re okay.”

“Me too, Nate. Let us in.” The voice this time was Jaimie.

Crap. I guess I can’t ignore both of them. I wrapped the blanket around me and shuffled to the door, opening it slightly. “I’m okay, guys. I just need some time to process everything.”

Eli stuck his foot in the doorway. “No. You’re coming up with all these ways it’s somehow your fault. Let us in.”

I struggled with the decision for a moment. “Okay, but I’m not the best of company tonight.”

Eli and Jamie piled into the room with snacks, drinks and movies. Eli pulled me to the bed and handed me an open beer. Shocked, I looked at him, the only response was his ever present grin. “It won’t kill you. Relax.”

Jamie crawled onto the other side as the newest action comedy flick started. Jamie curled against my right side while my head on Eli’s stomach. Snuggling with my favorite two men did wonders for my mental state.

I peered through my barely cracked eyelids and moaned. Our night lasted into the early morning hours and I’d had far more than one beer. The slight headache and foul taste seemed to be my only punishment. As I drifted awake, I realized I was spooning Eli, and both of us were in our underwear. My cock was much more awake than I was and doing its best to get to Eli.

He stretched and turned to me with a smile. “Morning, handsome. How’re you feeling.”

Eli’s small body wedged against mine felt right. My morning boner only got harder as Eli ran his hand down my side. With a tender expression, he leaned in for a kiss. The sight of his deep red lips with his morning scruff was sexy as hell. A faintly funky man smell drifted through my nose as our lips connected.

The jolt of electricity firing through me from the kiss could power half the city. Eli pushed me onto my back and laid on top. His hands were everywhere, leaving a trail of fire. I slid my hands down his back to cup his ass. As I tightened my grip on his round little butt, Eli moaned into my mouth. Our crotches ground against each other as the heat between us built. The wiry hair coating Eli’s legs fanned the flames higher. I love guys with hairy legs and Eli’s against mine brought me to a whole new level of horny.

I closed my eyes to focus on the sensations as Eli kissed down my neck and his hand slid across my stomach. My body was primed with sexual tension as Eli’s fingertips slipped under the edge of my underwear. His other hand drifted upward and rubbed over my nipple. I was about to burst.

Eli kissed me again and whispered, “You okay? We can stop if you want.”

I shook my head. My cock was leaking like a cheap faucet and my nuts were hugging my rock hard shaft. I’d never wanted anything so much in my life.

“I’m ready. Damn, you have me so hard.”

Eli nipped down the side of my neck. “Do you have condoms?”

I hesitated. “Ah, Eli. I’m not sure I’m ready for…”

Eli flicked my nipple again. “Not for anal. You need protection for oral sex, too. Remember the program they had at the GSA?”

“Oh.” I thought quickly. Remembering the take homes I’d gotten at the end of the safer-sex discussion. I flipped over and furiously pawed through my nightstand. I rolled back to Eli holding two foil squares. “Bingo! I hope you like strawberry.”

Eli laid them to one side. “Strawberry is fine. But at this point ass flavored would work I’m so horny.”

I chuckled and gasp when Eli’s hand slipped inside my underwear and grabbed my hard cock. I almost unloaded.

“Damn, Eli! Much more and I’ll cream my pants.”

“That’s bad?” asked Eli as he eased his hand down my throbbing shaft.

“Oh, damn…”

Eli chuckled. “I didn’t think you’d have any problem.”

He kicked the sheet off us. Our eyes met. I swallowed hard and nodded. His fingers pushed my underwear down until it contained my swollen cock by the barest of margins. With a final tug, it popped from its confines and slapped against my stomach. Eli grabbed it tight and pulled the foreskin down exposing the deep red head. Releasing the skin, he watched it curl back.

“Nice, very nice.”

I blushed at the compliment, feeling inordinately pleased. I flexed my cock and it slap against my stomach. We both chuckled and Eli grabbed a condom. He winked at me, ripped open the package and unrolled it down my cock. I fought for control as each touch sent me closer. Eli moved nearer, his lips caressed my dick as his fingers trailed over my balls.

“Oh, God!”

Eli froze. “You okay?”

I tossed the other condom to him. “Wrap it up. I want to get in on the action, too.”

Eli stripped quickly. In seconds, he covered his cock and was laying beside me. He gave me a kiss and then flipped so I was staring at his crotch. I gasped as his mouth closed around my dick. The pleasure Eli created sent me into spirals of delirium.

I grabbed the base of Eli’s cock and pulled him close. Running my tongue from base to tip, I flicked my tongue around the pulsing head. My crotch tightened as I raced toward climax. I jacked the base of Eli’s cock as I worked my mouth over the crown. The dance continued as my orgasm began. Lost in the euphoria, my first round shot into the condom. I collapsed against the bed, submerged under waves of pleasure. After a few moments, I lay gasping for air.

Eli’s smiling face appeared above me. “How was that?”

Without a word I pushed Eli onto his back and started jerking his cock. I pulled off his condom and my hand flew up and down his hard shaft. In less than a dozen strokes, the first ribbon of white shot up Eli’s torso. He twitched and moaned as his nuts emptied. The last of his cum oozed from the tip and ran down my hand. I grinned at Eli and wiped my hand over his side.

“I think that’s yours,” I said.

Eli pulled my face to his and we kissed again. “Give me a sec to clean up. That was fucking amazing.”

Eli raced to the bathroom and I could hear running water a few seconds later. I realized I had business to take care of too, and disposed of the filled condom.  I was relaxing in bed when Eli dove back in and curled against me. I spooned against Eli, enjoying the feeling of his bare body in my arms. Eli snuggled tighter against me and sighed.

“Love you,” whispered Eli as he drifted off.

I froze, unable to respond. What have I done?

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