Controller: Chapter 13

Wednesday BriefsHello everyone. Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs with the guys. Be sure and check out the other stories at the bottom of this one.

Chapter 13

“Hey, knock it off!”

I slowed my pace, peering across the darkening campus. I was running late for class, but I knew that voice. I turned slowly, trying to hear it again.



I closed my eyes, hoping it would help me locate the person. The sound of unsteady footsteps came my way. I eased closer and was almost hosed as some guy puked just in front of me. He hung onto a tree and barfed two or three times. I hate the smell of vomit. It makes me gag and then I’m puking too. It’s not a good thing.

As the guy stood upright, he wiped his mouth along his arm. The strands of spit coated his sleeve and glistened in the growing moonlight. Gross.

“Dude, you okay?”

He looked at me, silent, then he muttered something I couldn’t understand.


“I said the bitch dumped me. During class. The cunt texted me.”

“Hey, man. I’m sorry to hear about it—“

The voice echoed out again. “Asshole! Stay the fuck away from me!” This time I recognized the voice. It was Eli. Damn it, can things get any worse?

“Sorry, that’s my friend. It sounds like he needs help.” I hated to leave the guy. He was only standing up with the help of the tree.

“Hey! Give me that back!”

Definitely Eli.

I spun and ran in the direction I’d heard Eli. I found myself in one of those weird unusable spaces that happen at universities when they add on to buildings they already have.

Without thinking, I ran into the dark enclosure, and almost face planted against a brick wall on two legs. It only took a second to see that three guys had Eli cornered. His fists were up, and a look of determination on his face. He might have been half the size of the smallest of the three cornering him, but he wasn’t giving up. Damn. Brave guy.

“Hey, Eli. Need some help with these assholes?” I hoped the bravado would surprise the thuds enough for us to escape.

The next thing I knew, I was setting on the concrete rubbing my jaw. I realized I’d been wrong. I managed to scramble out of the way of the boot coming at me. I got to my feet in time to see Eli land a beautiful front snap kick. He got only a grunt in response.

They’re going to find our bodies in the morning!

I punched the mobile wall, and my fist disappeared into his ample paunch, with no effect. The fight intensified. Eli and I held them off for a few minutes, before we were pressed into the corner. Suddenly the guy I was fighting groaned and dropped to his knees. Someone was standing behind him, apparently on our side.

Our rescuer jumped on one of other two and quickly had him on the ground, pummeling him. Eli and I worked in concert on the last guy, which actually didn’t last long. Once the odds weren’t wildly in his favor, he deserted the other two.

We turned back to mobile mountain, to find that he’d left too. Our savior was standing over the third guy, who lay on the ground moaning. In silent agreement, we moved away from the dark corner where the fight began to the well lit pathway. As we moved under one of the campus lights, I saw my puking buddy staggering toward us. I guess I’ll baby sit him home.

I turned back to thank the guy who’d saved our asses, and was struck speechless.


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