Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! 2013 had a few rough patches, but there was much more good. Heart of the Pines was published which was a fun experience.

No resolutions, but I do have a few goals for the next year. One is to try some new ways to tell a story. Hopefully, it will make the stories more interesting, more absorbing, more…I don’t know, more of something. But to do that I decided to write more short stories, which is a challenge for me. I write long stories that involve dozens of characters, like the Wrangler Butt series. But I can write a short story in a few weeks, so it gives me more opportunities to try different things.

I’m going to work on my writing over the next year, and hopefully emerge a better teller of LGBT stories. I’m also going to work to going back to my roots, writing the stories I wish I’d found when I was at an age to need a hero I could relate to.

Anyway, enough of that. As things are published, online or in print, let me know what you think. For example, Crossfire is a short story I’m finishing up that is the first story I’ve written that isn’t all about the relationship between two guys. When it comes out, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Or any other time you have a comment or suggestion, drop me a note. It’s jon.keys@ymail.com

Take care, thanks again for all the support over the past years. Have a wonderful 2014


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