NaNoWriMo winner!


50,143 words, and done! Yes, it just barely squeaked over and the rough draft really is finished at just a few hundred words over the 50k. It needs some serious, serious story editing at this point. But it will be put aside while I work on some deadlines I have coming up. I’m actually looking forward to editing for a change.

I have to admit, I had more trouble doing it than I thought I would. I’m very glad I was an over achiever during the first week or so, because I had trouble doing 500 words some days lately. But I’m not sure I would have gotten a rough draft of this novel done if it hadn’t been for NaNoWriMo. It forced me to push on even though the story wasn’t coming as easily as I’d like.

Glad to have done it. Probably will do it again, I have a dragon story that needs to see the light of day. Now, off to writing next weeks flash story and editing for a Jan 1 deadline.

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