Controller: Chapter 5

Wednesday BriefsHere’s the next episode for Controller. The prompt for the week was snow. Hope you enjoy it as the story starts to come together.


Chapter 5

The words I’d screamed into the quiet room seemed to echo forever. If there had been a time I wanted an undo button on my life, this would be that time. In spite of my careful logic, I prepared myself for the reaction I knew was coming. The sound of a ripe melon being thumped sounded in the room, followed by a yelp. I traced the noise to find Michael frowning at someone who was rubbing the back of their head.

“You clumsy dumbass. Plug the fucking thing back in.”

Still massaging his head, the culprit shoved the plug back into the wall, and a tsunami of sound flooded the room. The players returned to their focus without a backward glance at me. Disappointment dominated my emotions. I thought coming out would get me a minimum of a pat on the back and congratulations. Anger, anger would have even been better. At least I thought my act of bravery should get some kind of reaction. Assholes.

I caught Jamie’s scent again as he put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. The combination of touch and smell curled into my system and found eager receptors. My anger melted as horny teenager surged to the forefront.

“Don’t let them get to you. They are focused on the game. I could walk through naked, and most of them wouldn’t notice.”

“Yeah, sorry. I didn’t mean to yell it out like that.”

Jamie started chuckling. “Ryan’s a klutz. His timing always sucks. But the TV is his, and he lives in the suite.” He stopped for a minute, then his expression changed with understanding. “That was your first time wasn’t it. For you to tell someone.”

I looked at him for a moment. My timing’s worse than Ryan’s. “Yeah, it was. Kinda sucky timing, huh.”

“No, it’s cool. Congratulations, I’m so happy that you’d share your first coming out with us. Next week you should go with me to the campus GSA. I’m president.”


“Yeah, sorry. Gay-Straight Alliance. It’s a fun bunch. And no one cares how you identify.”

“Hey! Get your fat ass over here. I’m ready for a break.” I recognized Michael’s summons from across the room.

Jamie grinned at me. “I better go. Sounds like Michael’s ready for me to take over. Make yourself at home. We rotate just in and out.”

“Okay, cool.”

Jamie hurried to Michael and took his place. I noticed he didn’t let the opportunity pass to squeeze Jamie’s butt as they switched places. I settled in at the counter and enjoyed watching the gaming action. The sharp scent of too much testosterone in one small room was soon evident, beer and action building the level of noise with each passing minute.

I was about to leave, when the door opened letting in a gust of fresh air. The guy who stomped in looked like he’d just crawled out of bed threw on a tee and came over.

“Do you assholes realize it’s 2am? My damn walls are vibrating from your speakers. Some of us have to be in class at eight in the morning.”

Michael walked by and shoved him. “Quit bitching, Eli. You know you like playing too.”

Eli glared at Michael. “I had to work until midnight. Not everyone has Daddy’s money pouring in.”

“Whaa, whaa, whaa. We’ve all heard about poor Eli before. Cry me a river.”

Eli looked on the verge of tearing into Michael, despite their size difference. I jumped off the stool I’d been warming and stuck my hand out. “Hey. We haven’t met. I’m Nathan.”

Eli gave Michael a last glare before turning to me and taking my hand. The firm shake surprised me, for some reason bringing Eli up in my opinion. “Hey Nathan. I’m Eli. Nice to meet you.” He shot a go-to-hell look at Michael. “Apparently some of the people in the room have advanced beyond Neanderthal.”

A giggle slipped out, not the image I wanted to give off, but Eli’s smile got bigger. I stood like a statue, not sure what to do next, when a couple of players were killed in the game.

“Hey, I’m already up. You want to play?”

I was a little surprised at Eli’s invitation, but I’d came with Jamie to play a few rounds. “Sure, let’s grab a controller.”

I vaulted the back of the chair and got comfortable while Eli grinned in my direction and walked around. As he did, the dark hair on his legs grabbed my attention. I love hairy legs. I don’t know why, but I think they’re incredibly hot. My focus shifted to a much more primal part of my brain, and my cock started to respond. By the time I had returned from the fantasy, Eli had settled in beside me.

“Hope you don’t mind sharing the chair.”

Knocked out of my momentary stupor, I realized I was staring into the small man’s smiling face. “Nope, don’t mind at all.”

Eli’s grin covered his face. We wiggled into place beside each other and started killing bugs through the snow of a winter campaign.


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