NaNoWriMo – day 12

Well I’m glad I was ahead of schedule. That rude thing called life is slowing down my progress on Obsidian Sun. But it’s still moving forward, and I’m still writing. I can certainly see why they say week two is the tougher, that first surge of adrenalin is gone, and the finish line is a long way in the distance.

But on the good side, everyone seems happy with their names now. The plot has also developed a few interesting twists. Some of their terminology is beginning to settle in too. They’re right in the middle of a fight scene now, so I better go back and see how things are going.

Oh, for long time followers, one of the distractions is the edits for chapter 8 of Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks. I’m hoping to have that out before too long.

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