NaNoWriMo – Day 9

Today was a milestone, I made it to the halfway point. That’s right, I’ve finished 25,000 words as of today. 25,000 good words? I never said that. The terminology is evolving, and character names are changing, and the story has already taken several unexpected turns.

It’s also turning fairly dark. I don’t even read dark fantasy, but I’m writing some fairly dark stuff. This is definitely not my typical romantic writing. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But then I think about some of the scenes from “The Hunger Games” and mine are no more violent. Maybe I’m a literary wienie. I guess we’ll see where it takes me.

So, day 9 and I have 25,000 words. I’m thrilled because I’d like to finish the rough draft in November because I’m fairly sure this will be over 50,000 words.

Okay, back to putting words into the story and see what surprises are ahead of me.


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